Ever wondered why certain rituals exist in local culture? Try to find roots and you will find amazing purpose behind them. I always find them behind eternal rituals.

There is a marriage ritual in this part of the India. I am sure, similar ritual might exist in other local cultures of the India. It is called वरपोंखणा (વરપોંખણા) in Gujarati. Although it is now transformed into fun event, I came to know interesting reason behind it (from one elder scholar of the family)

In real sense, would-be mother-in-law, when she tries to grab the groom’s nose, she is actually asking him that does he really know the art and science of Pranayama (प्राणायाम) ( प्राणायामका ज्ञान है?) ? She actually tries to measure his breathing habit.

Why bride’s mother ask this question?

Because her daughter is going to spend entire life with this man. If this man does not even know how to breathe, how can he have healthy life? If he lacks health, how can he take care of her daughter? જેને પ્રાણાયામ અને નાડી શાસ્ત્ર ન આવડતું હોય તે દીર્ઘાયુ, રોગમુક્ત કેવી રીતે જીવન જીવી શકે? અને જો પોતેજ રોગીષ્ઠ અને અજ્ઞાની હોય તો તે લગ્ન કરીને વધુને(એમની દીકરી અને તેની સંતાનને) શું સાચવી શકે?

जिसको प्राणायाम नहीं आता ..वह स्वस्थ नहीं हो सकता…बीमार & रोगी cannot perform their duties towards children, parents, family, society and nation. So…in short..avg married life and no significant achievements. As per the ritual, groom tries to save his nose. It is nothing but hiding from inability Interesting, right? Are our youngsters healthy and ready at marriage age? We must act and develop healthy youth. All probabilities of strong and healthy India. प्राणायाम is mandatory pre-condition for successful प्रणय Or otherwise, this force generated by प्रणय is so intense that..not many can handle it for entire Grihasth life (Age 25 to age 50 ) Take care Pics from Google search. They are just to represent the ritual. I will delete them if there is any dispute.

स यथा शकुनि: सूत्रेण प्रबद्धो दिशं दिशं पतित्वा अन्यत्रायतनमलब्ध्वा बन्धनमेवोपश्रयते, एवमेव खलु सोम्य! तन्मनो दिशं दिशं पतित्वाऽन्यत्रायतन्मलब्ध्वा प्राणमेवोपश्रयते, प्राणबन्धनं हि सोम्य! मन इति।

-हे प्राण! जैसे धागे से बँधा हुआ पक्षी हर दिशा की ओर जाकर और अन्यत्र आश्रय न पाकर बन्धन का अवलम्ब लेता है; इसी प्रकार से है प्राण! यह मन विभिन्न दिशाओं में भटकने के बाद वहाँ, आश्रय न पाकर इस प्राण का अवलम्बन ग्रहण करता है। हे प्राण! मन का बन्धन प्राण है।

Do we care to breathe? Do we care minding? मन का बन्धन प्राण है। इसीलिए प्राणायाम आवश्यक है |