Rest vs Rest


“Dad,can I ask one question if you are done with your evening meal?”

“Why not. Sure. Go.”

“We generally go home by sunset & rest during darkness of night. During rest period, I hear continuous noise from neighborhood daily.I am curious, who are these making noise during rest period, in middle of night? Don’t all rest during darkness?”

“Oh that!LoL.They are our fellow species on this planet. Supposedly most intelligent one. Humans.”

“If they are most intelligent then why don’t they rest during resting period aka darkness of night? Isn’t it strange dad?”

“They are intelligent dear. They must be having some valid reasons to remain active for 18+ hrs in a day without taking enough rest.”

“But dad, you told me once that resting is as important as searching food and having fun in open sky during day time. Aren’t we and humans living by same nature’s laws? Would this not affect them if they don’t rest properly, regularly on time?”

“May be. May not be. Who cares. Let’s go for another round of flying training.You must learn flying by now and become independent.”

~ Overheard on June 03,2011