Addiction - Smoking or otherwise
Addiction – Smoking or otherwise

I often receive this query/doubt : “Why me? Why not chain smoker?”

So will Maggi kill me? Smoking or Alcohol?

No. Damn, no addiction kills you. Physical substances are weak enough to summon Death.

I am least bothered about death. I won’t get engaged in fear mongering like modern medicine who links death with all sicknesses and pretend to defeat death. That is sheer illusion.

Addictions depletes Prana. With depleted Prana, we invite numerous medical conditions. With such conditions, we cannot perform our duties towards the universe well. Cascading effect may results in more severe form of destruction.

Addiction cripples mind. Tamas increases exponentially with each intense level of addiction. Tamas leads to adharmic actions. Actions against the natural laws. Again inviting destruction.

So – No to Maggi. No to Smoking. Or anything activity that causes harmful addiction.

Such doubt arises because modern medical science fails to provide 360 degree view of life. Modern medicine’s naive correlation of cancer with smoking is responsible for this.

Remember, having right food, right habits, is for your personal life. For your wish to live dharma-bound life! We cannot compare with others as there are several factors playing role! It is not as easy as modern medicine correlates!

Why chain smoker does not suffer from cancer and some innocent people with healthy life routine gets the cancer?

Ayurveda considers several factors responsible for Cancer. Some of them are:

1. Unwholesome diet (mithya ahara) – Food, water, air
2. Unwholesome regimen (mithya vihara) : Addictions, Late nights, Workholic
3. Trauma (abhigata) = stress, both physical and mental.
4. Irritation – Chemicals in food, water and air. Overstress on certain organs due to addiction.
5. Genetic (anuvanshaja) – unplanned, nonseasonal, accidental pregnancy.

Now, look around. How many so called healthy persons have access to wholesome food? They may be following wholesome regimen (point 2) but what about stress they accept at work and at home? Any control over birth prakriti gifted by parents?

This is the reason, many times, chain smoker lives full life and so called healthy person dies by cancer.

Every human being genetically possesses the cancer-ability of tissues. Such cancer-ability, as a biologic feature, is normally distributed. All humans can, thus, develop cancer, yet only some of us do. This depends upon the fact that to express cancerability, a human being must cross a certain threshold of physical, mental stress which can cause the identity crisis/resource crunch at individual cell level or collectively at organ level or at multiple organs.

This is the reason we sometimes see relatively healthy person inflicted by cancer and a chain smoker living cancer-free life as everyone has different threshold to handle cellular stress based on inborn Prakriti , ability to cope up with rapidly changing food/sleep patterns and past life karma.

Layman’s observations about curing cacner.

As I shared, major factors are in our environment. Even after your so called regular life, if cancer comes at doorstep. It must be due to environmental stress or nutritional stress.

1) Change your environment. Shift to more natural place. A village in jungle at riverbank? Ideal!
2) Alter your food. Eat more and more chemical-free wholesome food.
3) If your life routine is chaotic, regularize.
4) Take supporting herbs. Tulsi, Turmeric, Ghee, mutra, gobar (desi bos indicus cow) – all can help in reducing cellular stress and purging cellular trash (tumor elements). But if your source of cancer is genetic, they will have difficult time in cure.

Many times, we see sudden deaths. Relatively healthy person, dies with sudden stroke and heart attack but many chain smokers live long. Why so random?

As I discussed several times in past, it is your environmental interaction (includes food and water intake, entertainment, habits, place of work, place of living, family, friends, colleagues or anything that is not you) which decides your life. Some chain smokers living long is pure environ blessing. Not some heroic self-esteem case. 😀 They anyhow compromise life-efficiency due to addiction led hardwired circuits in brain.

This is the reason, company your keep, food you eat, place you work matters a lot. 🙂

“Of all diseases, physical and mental, the causes, in brief, are three, viz., adverse correlation, absence of correlation, and excessive correlation, of Time, Mind, and the objects of the senses.”

1) seasons, months, fortnights, weeks, days,
2) infancy, youth, manhood, and decrepitude

Time, mind, and the objects of the senses ‘have relations with each other and one another. When the harmony of these relations is disturbed, the result is disease.

A person in a certain season or a certain age may do that with impunity which in another season or another age may be productive of harm.

Record keen observations about your own body and ask: Are time, Mind, and the objects of the senses rightly correlated? No? Go, see your kindhearted Doctor who doesn’t treat patient for earning and get it corrected.
Research[See reference section] conclusion reads.

Weekend is here: Spend more time with family. And sometime with self. More time in nature. Healthy interactions. Farm, jungle, river, garden… (Y)All your interactions with outer world put prints on your heart…your life-clock. 🙂



Environment and Diet leave their prints on the heart


“The findings deepen our understanding of the genetic changes that can lead to heart disease and how these can be influenced by our diet and our environment.”

The study originally began investigating the differences in DNA methylation found in the human heart. Researchers compared data from a small number of people with end-stage cardiomyopathy who were undergoing heart transplantation, and the healthy hearts of age-matched victims of road traffic accidents.

DNA methylation leaves indicators, or “marks”, on the genome and there is evidence that these “marks” are strongly influenced by external factors such as the environment and diet. The researchers have found that this process is different in diseased and normal hearts. Linking all these things together suggest this may be the “missing link” between environmental factors and heart failure.