We consider this Nation as our mother. We consider nature around us as mother. Both Nation-mother and Nature-mother are in peak of the stress.
Who can help us reduce this stress?


By giving birth to carefully taken care infants and breast feeding them.
Funny? Not so funny. Read ahead.
We all know that Mother feeds nectar like nutrients, bacteria, and immune system markers via milk. List does not end here. She also transfers Prana Shakti (if she is प्राणवान. Lactating mothers should strive to become प्राणवान. They should do breathing exercise. And this should start before couple plan for child). Along with Annamay sharir and Pranamay sharir, she also transfers vital Mind markers to child. She does not only build physical and Pranic body of a child but also mental body. So it is important to remain cheerful and live for mothers. Most life-threatening or SIDS – Sudden infant death syndrome events has roots in either past life karma or lack of care by parents for each level of body. Development does not stop at delivery. It goes on till age 21. So till then mothers must remain in calm and positive state of mind.

Stress marker is sent to child in milk for physical body and mental body. This restricts infant’s growth.

This does not stop at breastfeeding. Mothers should strive for preparing food for child with highest love and care and feed them until they become adult. This is great service to the Nation. Your healthy child is future of healthy nation. Take care! 🙂
So when mothers of the Nation start taking utmost care of infants, we receive mentally and physically healthy future citizens. Citizens who are sensible and strong enough to protect own mother, Nation-mother and Nature-mother.
Got the point now?
Breastfeeding is a great social service. Breastfeeding is a sacrificial opportunity for all mothers. Do take care. If you are a young married female, you don’t need anything to do for Nation if you prepare yourself for becoming mighty selfless mother 🙂
Same is for Gau mata. Take very well care of her. Keep her stress-free and she will give nectar as Prasad. Prasad (Milk, Gobar, Mutra – MGM) that has potential to cater son’s basic needs food & energy.


In a Mother’s Milk, Nutrients, and a Message, Too

Milk is not just food. The more closely scientists examine it, the more complexity they find.

Along with nutrients like protein and calcium, milk contains immune factors that protect infants from disease. It hosts a menagerie of microbes, too, some of which may colonize the guts of babies and help them digest food. Milk even contains a special sugar that can fertilize that microbial garden.

Now, it turns out, milk also contains messages.

A new study of monkeys, published in the journal Behavioral Ecology, demonstrates that a hormone present in milk, cortisol, can have profound effects on how babies develop. Infant monkeys rely on cortisol to detect the condition of their mothers, the authors suggest, then adjust their growth and even shift their temperaments.