Shopping is an adult habit. Especially, modern shopping is very exclusively recently developed (Post 1991 liberalization) habit in society where majority of us surrounded by tsunami of choices and we buy things no required for living in abundance. So basically, it is secondary life habit. One can live without it.

Super markets and modern FMCG companies want to sell things so they use children as Ad actors. And there is no TV restriction at home to children force parents to allow them for shopping.

In short, kids (Age below 10 or 7) go to shopping with parents.

When I see, so many parents going to supermarket with their kids, I worry for kids as they slowly being poisoned to become consumers of the future.

Children carry fragile minds. They learn from environment quickly. They learn from you at rocket speed. And they keep these habits (Good or bad, you decide) forever as they become primary habits.

Unknowingly, when you bring your kids to store, you train them for an unnecessary shopping habit. Their mind becomes confused seeing all choices. It affects their data processing. It affects their ability to take decision as they have not learnt to decide. So they exhibit uncontrolled refractoriness(दुराग्रह). They want all toys. They want all chocolates.


Bad food habits. Bad behaviour. Faulty development. Uncontrolled teens.

We don’t carry our son (He was just 14 months old when I wrote this note – We see many of his age at shopping) to shopping. When we bring anything at home – he loves it with heart. He adores us (mama,papa,grandpa, grandma) for every new toy or cloth. For him, we are the world explorer and the ones who bring things at home. We take care that his mind is exposed to reality of world step by step as his ability to decipher puzzle develops.

Stop bombarding consumer attitude to developing mind in growing age. Stop them becoming future consumers. Too many choices are not good for adults. Why expose kids to them? Why kill their development?

And if you really want them to learn shopping, take them to local farm or Gau shala and buy things afresh. Take them to local sabji mandi where choices are limited. Super market for kids as anyday bad idea in my humble opinion.

Oh yes, when your kid turns 9 or 10. Do go to shopping with them. It is right time for them to learn लेन-देन/खरीदारी/shopping.