Photo on the left : This colorized microscopy image hints at the complexity of microbial life. It shows two bacterial cells in soil. The bacteria glue clay particles together and protect themselves from predators. This also stabilizes soil and stores carbon that could otherwise enter the atmosphere.

Imagine the havoc we create by chemical industries. Fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics and other medicines, waste from chemical industries. They instantly disturbs soil microbes.

Lack of microbes => Lack of nutrition in crops, Lack of प्राण , Mutated genes, more carbon in air than in soil, soil degradation, desertification, depleted ground water, more toxins in drinking water

This is going on for last 50 years in major regions of India. We are at tipping point of collapse. If we don’t wake up now and force farmers/industries/govt to get rid of chemicals in air, water and food, future is worse than our imagination of dooms day.


Indigenous cows have 20 times more microbes than any living organism’s dung can have. She gives dung that can stabilize carbon, water and other nutrients from air.

Soil with her help can sustain droughts (expect them frequently due to climate changes)

Sooner the better.