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To waste is a trait of globalized and consumer society. So waste is inevitable in smart cities and smart villages. You may come up with fancy waste management ideas with your so called evolved intelligence and town planning stuff but…it is still a waste!!
On top of it, so called modern doctors, media and peer pressure are converting traditionally vegetarian Indians into mindless (meat) eaters. So more waste!!
Due to high migration of low-wage workers to white-collar workers of IT and ITES, more people now eat outside than ever! So more waste!!
As if we don’t have any responsibility towards our environment!
If non-vegetarian food is your traditional food, make sure you don’t succumb to modern processed food industry. Raise your food if you really cannot live without it!

“While many of us are concerned about food waste, we also need to consider the resources that are wasted when we throw away edible food,” said Christine Costello, assistant research professor at the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and co-author of the study. “Farm equipment used to feed and maintain livestock and plant and harvest crops uses a lot of diesel fuel and other utilities from fossil fuels. When people waste meat, these fuels, as well as fertilizers, are also wasted. Based on our study, we recommend that people and institutions be more conscious of not only the amount but the types of food being wasted.”