The civilization of a country is best understood by a thorough study of the Position of its Women. The woman in the various phases of her life as Daughter, Wife and Mother not only protects and invigorates the man to the best of her power but safeguards his interests even at her own cost. As soon as the man folk begins to misjudge this latter magnanimity of woman as her weakness, a nation begins to sink slowly into the depth of degradation and misery. Similarly, when woman-folk forgets to value this magnanimity, a nation begins to sink slowly into the depth of degradation and misery.

In the long history of Indian Civilization, our society has faced innumerable odds-constant invasion from outside, intermixture of heterogeneous faiths and thoughts, ruthless persecution and so on-and certainly, changes there have been many with the consequence that, social conditions changed a good deal from period to period. Even then, ancient Indian Literature exhibits a uniform spirit of reverence for womanhood and Vedic Religion does not deny any right to women, not in the least the religious.

True, there have been ups and downs in the position of Hindu Women, but they have never been shorn off their inherent goodness and greatness on account of oppression or excessive depression. Along with national regeneration from period to period, the liberties and possessions of women appear to vary and that is only natural; but even then, there is the constant attitude of very deep respect for women ingrained in Indian mind which is the direct outcome of the teachings of Vedic Religion.

Right now, we are sinking nation with heavy burden of manly women and womanly men. It is right time to research on this subject by vedic perspective and re-establish dignity of Mahila in modern parlance. Let us give no space to sickular brigade and before they pollute our mass psyche for bleak future, we must demonstrate living examples of Mahila Shakti in our society.