Friend 1: “It is shocking to see so many premature deaths in 30s. Two cousins died in 30s. Two NRI friends died suddenly.”

Friend 2 :”Life has turned unpredictable and short. ”

Me: “Life is not short.We are making it short by living it hyper way. Life looks fast and short because we have accelerated it by adding more and more distractions. Look at the faces at mall or railway station or airport or even temple! There is no peace. There is no calmness. Unnecessary hurry. Even you and me are not spared. Hyper-active community spaces affect us too. And there is only one solution – slow down and spend more and more time with mother, mother nature. She is the only cure.

Take care of health first friends. The root cause of premature deaths is in our kitchen and dining table. It is corrupted and polluted with lust for taste. Made us so blind and lazy that we prefer toxins as food now.

Second is, out lust for being connected. Mobile, bluetooth and wifi. Silent killer for sudden deaths.

Home and office, suffocated due to radiations all around. Even if your body wish to imbibe prana as you are conscious, doing exercise and yoga and all, it won’t work if the place is suffocated. Disconnect and remain grounded. Being barefoot and perspire hard for meaningful work will soon become necessary. Even if you can afford maids and workers, your doctor will force you to engage in meaningful hardwork like gardening, digging pit for tree plantation, cleaning home floor with hands, washing clothes by self, cleaning utensils by self etc. Do it before it becomes prescription. Only gym won’t help. Add meaning to your perspiration. It is not genes but our environment and habits killing us. Habits we can control, environment is still an issue (not just visible pollution. it is also invisible radiation pollution). To combat environmental hazards, remain grounded.Earth has power to balance air and water pollution. Barefoot. Muladhara.”