Don’t worry, we are very much committed to serve you, seamless couch-potato lifestyle. So what if IPL is over !?
We will be back with more political drama on news channels and reality shows on other channels.

We don’t want you to focus on real issues of life. You enjoy your entertainment!

Out of your rate-race hours, if you focus on children, they won’t be our future customers.
If you focus on National issues, we will never earn from political campaigning.
If you focus on social issues, we will never earn from anti-national funding.


So, it is best in everyone’s interest that you remain engaged with your daily entertainment dosages!

Don’t worry. Reality dance and singing shows will start soon.

Yours faithful,
Entertainment Industry.

द्यूत (gambling, betting) leads to Kurukshetra. War. War that is potent to wipe-out entire civilization. द्यूत also come up with atrocities on women.

IPL, Pro-Kabbadi are not sports but modern forms of द्यूत.
Sooner we realize, better for the nation.

Those are sane who learns from History and avoid mistakes.

द्यूत is not just gambling. It is any form of lazy shortcut/blind decision we take in life without understanding the situation and impact.

For many, job is द्यूत if it is not giving satisfaction.
Marriage is द्यूत if it is not keeping both happy.
Business is द्यूत if you don’t know nitty-gritties of the market.
Sharemarket is द्यूत if you don’t understand how it is being operated.

द्यूत – avoid or it will invite tumults. 🙂 Avoid careless, blind decisions.