Namakaran Science
Namakaran Science

नामकरण विधि has many purposes. It is important to give name to Child based on his/her birth chart.

Modern Shakespearean morons will say you: “What is there in name?” but there is actually many things in name.

Today I would like to talk about purpose of name in medical examination.

नामकरण-संस्कार is a fifth Samskara in a raw. As per Rishi Parasara, 11 days after birth for Brahmana, 13 days after birth for Kshtriya, 15 days after birth for Vaishya and 30 days after month for Shudra is a purification period i.e. अशौच period. In modern medical parlance, this is the time, when newborn body flushes out meconium and amniotic fluid which it has consumed in womb. Once this is flushed out, sterile Gut is slowly getting colonized and actual digeston is getting activated. This takes time for different genetic constitution (Brahman, Kshtriya, Vaishya, Shudra).

Once digestion is properly activated, नामकरण is performed. Name is fixed based on Nakshtra and Birth Rashi. Seasons changes based on Samkranti of the Sun. Based on the time of conception and season at that time and location of the birth, Rashi is decided. Name indicates mental and physical constitution of the Child.

So when you go to true Ayurvedacharya at any point of time in your life, based on your name, he will perceive your Prakriti. And all subsequent observations are based on first observation.

There are other benefits too of having proper name (Some other time, some other post) but it is good to follow this practice and name your child as per Rashi.