Gender Bending Chemical, Early Puberty, Diabetes, Cancer

Gender Bending Chemical, Early Puberty, Diabetes, Cancer



Last night, I was at dinner table @ wellknown garden restaurant of the city. All around, I see toddlers and kids sharing plates with parents. So painful to see children eating filthy food. 🙁

Do the parents know the consequences? Are they worth of being guardians of such innocent kids’ forthcoming psychological disaster in form of early puberty?

Early Puberty is indeed worse type of Epidemic we are inviting. This has become reality in Indian families too. I see many kids become physically mature too early. All thanks to chemical food they eat. Milk is no more pure. All dairy products are chemically altered. And needless to mention junk food.

Becoming mature early means less time for childhood. Less time for innocence. Less time for psychological maturity/growth.


Physical Overgrowth. Mental undergrowth. Dumb giant human bodies – easy to control. Just like farm animals. I am sorry for harsh words but that is what I foresee in next 10 years. 🙁

Take care. You are unknowingly gifting cancer and diabetes to your kids 18th birthday. 🙁

Psychological Consequences of early pubertal timing ?

➠ Depression
➠ Eating Disorders
➠ poor academic performance
➠ Substance Use (Drugs addict)
➠ Sexual Activity (Porn addict)
➠ Delinquency (A tendency to be negligent and uncaring)


1) STOP JUNK FOOD/OUTSIDE FOOD MADNESS NOW. This includes chocolates and biscuits.
2) Find raw desi gau milk (A2 milk).Stop dairy products.
3) Connect with organic farmers in vicinity and tie up with them for your seasonal grains & vegetables
4) Eat only seasonal fruits. For example, watermelon in this season is surely chemically preserved/stored. Worth ignoring.


Gender-bending chemicals ‘triggering early puberty in girls and putting them at risk of diabetes and cancer’

Gender-bending chemicals used in food cans, shower curtains and toys may be triggering early puberty in girls – and putting them at greater risk of cancer and diabetes, researchers say.

A study has found evidence that three classes of hormone-mimicking chemicals disrupt the bodies of girls approaching adolescence.

Although the association is ‘weak’, the scientists say it raises serious questions about the causes of early puberty.

The average age of puberty in girls – ten years and three months – has fallen by more than a year in a single generation.

Doctors say improved diet and higher body weights of children is mostly to blame.

But some researchers believe environmental chemicals that mimic the sex hormone oestrogen could also be a factor.

The latest study found that exposure to three chemical classes – phthalates, phenols and phytoestrogens – can ‘disrupt the timing of pubertal development’ in young girls.

Phthalates are banned in cosmetics in Europe, but are allowed in the U.S.

Phenols include the widely used chemical Bisphenol A – which is used in the lining of food cans and shatter-proof baby bottles. Phytoestrogens are naturally occurring chemicals found in soya, bread, cereals and nuts.