** Photo : Cow Urine Distiller Unit


Urine is composed mainly of water with little quantities of urea, uric acid, salts (phosphates, oxalates of sodium, calcium etc.) and some hormones in varying proportion. It is although a waste product of the body, none the less it has many medicinal properties, which had been recognized by the ancient medical practitioners, and as such used both internally and externally as medicine.

It can be used as remedies for the treatment of worms, dropsy, abdominal enlargements, flatulence, colic, anaemia, abdominal tumor, loss of appetite, tuberculosis, poison, haemorrhoids, amenorrhoea, leucoderma, leprosy, aggravation of kapha and vd ta and in several other mental diseases.

Although Urine is commonly believed to be ‘dirty’, this is not actually the case. Urine is virtually sterile and nearly odorless when it leaves the body. However, afterward, the bacteria contaminate the urine converting it into smelling chemicals that are responsible for the distinctive smell of stale urine, in particular ammonia which is produced from Urea.

So, it is important for a doctor to use FRESH and/or DISTILLED Urine as prescribed by original texts of Ayurveda (Charak, Shushrut et all).

Urine of different animals are used in various illness. Best among them is Gau-mutra. It is also important that you understand difference between Bharatiya Cow and rest. Only Bharatiya breed’s urine work as medicine since her metabolism is blessed to exsert medicinally superior urine, full of Apana प्राण.

Can a mass producer of Gau-mutra based medicine ensure all this? 🙂 No. And so you don’t see impact of urine based medicines.

Go locally. Connect your family with Gau-shala. Be part of medicine preparation. Inquire before you take it. Your money cannot buy you everything :).