सुराष्ट्र-Good dominion
सौराष्ट्र(Gokul to Dwarika)- probably first ever democratic republic established under the guidance of krishna.

सुराष्ट्र is impossible without cows and krishna’s blessings.


In Gujarat, there is a village named गोरज. There is a town nearby called गोधरा. There used to be ample grasslands around. It is easy to conclude that this part of Bharat is a cow-belt. Region where गौ lives in synergy with others, including humans.

गोधरा – गो – धरा – Land that holds गौ – Land for गौ – Land where गौ is protected. (It is naturally best place for गौ as city is on the banks of one of the oldest forest of this region which is also dwindling at rapid speed) Unfortunately, largest illegal Cow-slaughter in Gujarat happen here. As many as 75 slaughter houses are in operation illegally in Godhra city where large no. of helpless animals are being killed daily. I lived here for initial 5 years of my life. This town and her people left strong imprint about protection of गौ on my mind. Things have changed radically negatively in last 25 years.

It is unfortunate that this sacred place is now known for all wrong reasons.


Each region has sustenance axis or a sustenance agent. For regions like central Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, गौ is the sustenance axis. Without her, region turns into desert.

Who is Gau ( I prefer not to use highly commodified word “COW” for my mother) ?

A milk machine?

गावः प्रतिष्ठा भूतानां गावः स्वस्त्ययनं परं ।।
She is foundation of healthy and happy society. Prosperity is her blessing. without her, there will be no happy and healthy society.


Note this for future reference: If you and me ignore गौ for next 5 years, time is not far that we will be deemed as new middle-east desert region.


When his beloved cows are eating plastic and toxic garbage, living and dying in man-made hell, isn’t it biggest hypocrisy to celebrate his birth in some 5 star temple facility with fake version of Bhakti?

Gau Krishna - inseparable
Gau Krishna – inseparable

Remember one thing: It was strategically important for him to grow at नंद’s place. Without cows, there is no existence of Krishna.

To shape Krishna consciousness, गौ प्रसाद and parenting of जशोदा/नंद is critically important. I often see parents prepare their children in Krishna dressing. Why such show off? Do visit Gau shala with your kids? Do you act like जशोदा/नंद at home? If not, why such false dreams to see your child as Krishna?

If there is any sensitivity left, plan food for cows trapped in urban setup. We can skip 5-10 movies yearly and useless shopping but money and efforts diverted for protecting गाय will be real celebration of Krishna.

First food and shelter for cows and then Krishna birth celebration.

गो के खाने योग्य पदार्थ कूड़ेदान मे न डाले ;घर मे गो ग्रास पात्र रखें ।

Best wishes for जन्माष्टमी. While you worship BalGopal Today, ask him to bestow all strength upon you to protect गौ .


Pray that we too get blessed by living in सुराष्ट्र/सौराष्ट्र by his blessings and mother Gau’s prasad (urine, dung, milk).