Post world-war 2, across the world, yields for basic cereal crops like wheat, rice and maize rose dramatically.

The bookish explanation as it is taught even now is:

“Farmers started using advanced technology for irrigation, got better seeds and started using more fertilizer than they used to, so the yields went up.”

Simple and convincing, right?

It is not so simple. 🙂 Answer requires in-dept note in future but giving you hint and reality here:

Hint : Cold War Era and Food Aid programs for Asia and Africa by USA (Only wheat was provided so no option but to eat wheat 😉 )

Reality : Rice was prime staple food for large section of Asian population. Tribals had their own different grains as staple food. And yet, after 50 years of so called Green Revolution, we have only one grain ruling our food plate i.e. wheat. 🙂

Do we realize the health impact of single grain dominating our food? (Glutten intolerance. Indigestion. Sick GUT. Lack of GUT bacteria. Got it? )

Impact on soil due to mono-culture farming? (Witness impact in Punjab and MP)

Who controls our food? Who designs our diet?

Are we really free? 🙂