If Union Budget = Yearly blow to decentralized village economy and promotion of murders of गौ,गौरी,गंगा,कृषिकार, I am not interested.

अशिक्षितानां काव्येषु शास्त्राभ्यासो निरर्थकः ।
किमस्त्यनुपनीतस्य वाजपेयादिभिर्मखैः ।।

When there is no Yagnopavit initiated, do यज्ञ (YAjna) really matter for that person?

Like Rakshsa disturbing Vishwamitra’s Yagna bhumi, all those who ignore food security, food for all, and are singing विकास or Growth or Development, are micro versions of Rakshsa(s).

If food (गौ,गौरी,गंगा,कृषिकार) is not our first priority , we are doomed soon. Once doomed, our children will celebrate ghost cities and shopping malls.

Agriculture = Provide food to all – This is very myopic view about purpose of Agriculture which is one of the most sacred varna dharma.
Agriculture does not only mean growing food and serving it to community. It is greatest blessing by the Maa Aditi to get an opportunity to do her Seva.

Those who hamper Farmer’s Sadhana by demanding mere food from him or forcing him to surrender to selfish pursuits of elites, are not knowing what destruction they are inviting.
Farmer’s Sadhana is not possible when greed based technology is forced upon him by govt/corporates.

You need to be a farmer or farmer’s best friend to realize what I am saying.