UC biology study suggests a father’s nutrition before sex could contribute to the health of his offspring.

When I read research like this, I envision all zombies around in their 20s and 30s giving birth to life accidentally, without preparation and any conscious efforts.

Under the toxic influence of modern life style, most youth in their 20s and 30s (it starts very early now in teen age) are indulged in binge life style. Party harder and harder! They really don’t have even pinch of realization what they will gift to all future generations!

Despite all of this chaos, we do have some good progeny. All thanks to God’s blessings, parents’ blessings and some Good karma. But they don’t go on forever. Come next generation and the situation will be worse. In fact, we do see rising cases of deformities, both physical and mental, more of a mental, in young kids.

Research title might talk about father’s nutrition before sex but that is not the only point in time that would-be father should think about diet before family planning!!

It starts well syncing self with seasons. Few days back, I shared this on facebook which covers the family planning essence very well.

You are what your dad eats

This cycle shifts and delayed as you move away from tropical i.e. देवभूमि भारत. Basically, identify spring (most creative and active patch of the year) in your part of the world. Go back in past for 6 months and start purification procedures before you plan for a child.

Family planning is most critical activity for any Grihastha. All life-tasks come as second priority. Top most priority. If you are already parents, don’t repent. Educate your kids in their teen age. Groom them so that they always follow seasonal changes.

Each season mentioned above has specific diet. Learn about it and follow it. Besides, make sure your thoughts and actions are always in sync while mind is impregnated by the thought of having child.

While female is deemed pregnant after conception, male partner remains pregnant for 9 months before conception (sperms become mature in 72 days. Before it, some period is needed for cleansing of the would-be father’s body).

So if you are planning for child, start focusing on right diet for at least 9 months before you meet your partner for child.

Pregnancy begins from the thought of having child to delivery of the child. At least 18 months. 9 months for male partner’s preparation and 9 months of mother’s nurturing.

Take care!

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Meanwhile, do read below interesting research. A baby step of modern science to understand role of Father in progeny planning.

You are what your dad eats

UC biology study suggests a father’s nutrition before sex could contribute to the health of his offspring.

Doctors long have stressed the importance of good nutrition for expectant mothers.

Now biologists at the University of Cincinnati say the father’s diet could play a similar role in the health of a baby.

UC biology professors Michal Polak and Joshua Benoit manipulated the nutrition of male fruit flies and observed a strong correlation between poor diet and poor survivorship among their offspring. The study was published Wednesday, Oct. 11, in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

“We were really surprised,” Polak said. “In many species, the moms do a lot of the care. So we expect there to be an effect from maternal diet on offspring because of that strong link. But it was a real surprise to find a link between paternal diet and offspring.”

UC collaborated on the study with researchers from the University of Western Australia and the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre.

Nutritional geometry of paternal effects on embryo mortality

Well-established causal links exist between maternal nutritional deficits and embryo health and viability. By contrast, environmental effects operating through the father that could influence embryo mortality have seldom been examined. Yet, ejaculates can require non-trivial resource allocation, and seminal plasma components are increasingly recognized to exert wide-ranging effects on females and offspring, so paternal dietary effects on the embryo should be expected. We test for effects of varying levels of protein (P), carbohydrate (C) and caloric load in adult male diet on embryo mortality in Drosophila melanogaster. We demonstrate that macronutrient balance and caloric restriction exert significant effects, and that nutritional effects are more impactful when a prior mating has occurred. Once-mated males produced embryos with marginally elevated mortality under high-caloric densities and a 1 : 8 P : C ratio. In contrast, embryos produced by twice-mated males were significantly more likely to die under male caloric restriction, an outcome that may have resulted from shifts in ejaculate quality and/or epigenetic paternal effects. Body nutrient reserves were strongly and predictably altered by diet, and body condition, in turn, was negatively related to embryo mortality. Thus, sire nutritional history and resultant shifts in metabolic state predict embryo viability and post-fertilization fitness outcomes.


  1. Please suggest some valuable reading and learnigs list of books for parenting and nutrition for father and mother.