Gym Time

PS: This post may affect many friends, colleagues and relatives’ personal habits. Don’t take it personally. Try to understand the science! Sharing so that you can avoid exercise led aging and remain healthy even after crossing 40s.

Arrogance that stems out of ignorance is deadly.
Blind mimicry of someone is equally deadly.
Not observing Mother Nature, own nature is fatal too.
Teens seek role model to follow from society. They follow popular medium icons. Hollywood, Bollywod, Cricket and football. Even adults follow these icons blindly!
If actor work out at midnight. Fan-followers will do.
If fitness trainer/sports person is doing exercise at midnight or any time of the day, we will do!
Gym in my office premise is open for whole day! People come and go as per their priority! (Body is last priority! Many of them come, not for exercise but for socializing. You know what I am saying! The page-3 culture mimicry).
But we never try to talk with our own body. We (Our education system) failed to cultivate such sensitivity!
As per Army rules, mass PT happens before sunrise. Wake up call at 4 AM.
As per scriptures, day must start by 4 AM. Exercise must be completed by sunrise.
It is good that, you are in smaller % of people who are conscious about fitness but try to understand one thing: This body is not your slave! This body is not machine that you can rouse at any time any day!
This body is wonderful conglomerate of living cells, bacteria, energy footprint! Exercise is not for your well-being and long life but is worship of these tiny cells selflessly keeping us alive! It is prayer! It is worship! Worship and prayer cannot happen at any point of the day!! Certainly not at midnight! Not even during work-hours or in evening (Evening walk is different than rigorous exercise).
Read the research and draw your own conclusion.
Muscles Have Circadian Clocks That Control Exercise Response
All cells in the body, including those in muscle, contain a clock that regulates how cells adapt to changes in the environment and activity across the 24-hour day.
“Oxygen and the internal clock are doing a dance together inside muscle cells to produce energy, and the time of day determines how well that dance is synchronized,” said senior author Joseph Bass, MD, PhD, chief and Charles F. Kettering Professor of Endocrinology in the Department of Medicine. “The capacity for a cell to perform its most important functions, to contract, will vary according to the time of day.”
The research has implications beyond muscle cells because oxygen response is important in all cells. In particular, the deprivation of oxygen is a key factor in heart attacks and in cancer, in which the depletion of oxygen curiously enables cancer cells to grow.
Mice adapted to exercise better at night; humans might during day
My take

Reason why Olympians and Sports person retire early and suffer many muscle problems when they cross 30. They insult and torture muscular clocks!

• Always prefer early morning exercise.
• Never during night
• In evening, during sunset, walk or light stretching is fine
• Exercise is your Sadhana. Your reverence for body. Do it alone. Without music player!! Witout chit-chat! Full focus on body!
• Best if you can do it in front of the sun, under the sky