पवन पुत्र i.e अग्नि i.e हनुमान i.e. बल & बुध्धि emerges in your universe (Body complex) based on richness and stability of पवन / वायु / प्राण.

प्राण’s stability depends upon three things

1) Intake efficiency
2) Controlled consumption of Prana
3) Stable mind स्थिर मन


आहार मात्रा control is fundamental preventive cure for remaining healthy. It changes for each individual. Age, sex, prakriti, season, place play critical role in determining it.

But the most important factor that affects the optimum आहार मात्रा is अग्निबल (Individual digestive and assimilation capacity.). Your metabolic status.

True secular education equips students to check own self every morning and decide daily आहार मात्रा.

Any school teaching this? Parents?

Hint: In gross and deep Kaliyuga, Hanuman worship is essential as he blesses and enables our mind to keep the optimum bodily fire! Think about it!