What do we do on social media? Nothing better than intellectual gymnastics.

For example, translation of Sanskrit word ‘कवि’ as ‘Poet’ and ‘काव्य’ as ‘Poem’ is utterly limited, short-sighted literal translation, destroying very essence of words. Poor literal translations of Sanskrit काव्य(s) leads to nowhere, increasing cognitive dissonance for poor tunneled intellect. Such non-productive, useless translations are nothing by energy-wasting intellectual gymnastics, displaying balance and agility of intellect but serving no greater purpose. Intellect for pastime is poorest usage of the same.

The spiritual preceptors of India have always underlined the importance of a direct experience of transcendental reality and have accepted it not only as the basic source but also the very substratum of all mundane reality.The Vedic poet is a ऋषि who perceives and directly experiences such a transcendental reality through his inner vision, a vision that transcends both time and space, with the result that he is capable of visualizing the mysteries of the gods and the universe and reveals them to us. His speech is revelation, revelation of the highest spiritual truth.

So when you apply your tunneled vision and translate Vedic poet or ऋषि’s vision by your limited linguistic skills, without experiencing same vision by self, you fall, miserably and tangle yourself in web of words for complex and confused state of living.

चातुर्मास (July to Oct) is a time when देव (s) sleeps. Not a good time to engage in unnecessary intellectual conflicts. Chaturmas is reserved for penance, austerities, fasting.

It is time of the year when one can go back to self, spend quality time with self and broaden one’s drishti! So that shristi can be realized!

Another aspect is : Reducing food. Brain uses maximum energy. Intellectual gymnastics with low intake of food is deadly for brain. And you cannot utilize it for much important sadhana!

Take care. During 4 months of monsoon and post-monsoon, digestive fire of our body is very low. चातुर्मास or 4 months fasting is prescribed. This does not mean complete aversion from food.

Eat less than your capacity. Eat daily at same time. Control over taste buds.

When we bless someone, we say: “जीवेत शरदः शतं” which means, May you live 100 post-monsoon seasons. This is only possible when regular fasting is observed.

Those who successfully pass through this time without any sickness symptoms, observe Dashera festival to celebrate victory over all possibilities to degenerate their life, against whom they fought and won.

Not only immunity, fasting is important for slow aging. Those who love self and family…will also love long life.


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