As per Srimad Bhagavatam 12.11.27-49, there are 12 adityas. 12 forms of Sun. In the month of Chaitra, Sun is in form of Dhata.

Dhata means धारण करनेवाला , धारण करनेमें मदद करने वाला |

Sun in this month inspires creation. It is time of the year when winter crop is out from farms. Monsoon is not yet here. Instead of taking another crop and exploit mother earth, it is advisable to let the ploughed earth exposed to sun, as much as possible.

During this time, sun will foster earth for yearly replenishment of prana tattva. From Chaitri Navaratri to Akshaya Tritiya.

On Akshaya Tritiya, farmers start preparation for next crop. Till then, they do not disturb critical prana-replenishing activity by nature.

This is also ideal duration for progeny planning (This is my observation) after Vasant, after holasthak -(We consider all seasonal transition time inauspicious as during this time, our efficiency is at lowest state). Since the sun is in the form of creator, he will shower best possibility on newly wedded couple. Till now, farmers family plan marriages in this season. Unlike modern times where couple get wedded now for enjoyment and lust but not planning for progeny, our culture has given specific times for best progeny.

Chaitra is one such month. Childrens conceived in this month are generally having pitta/rajasik prakriti due to Sun’s blessings. (This is again my observation. No scientific proof available :))

Ram Navami is ideal day for family planning.

धाता कृतस्थली हेतिर्वासुकी रथकृन्मुने।
पुलस्त्स्तुम्बुरुरिति मधुमासं नयन्म्यमी।।1।।
धाता शुभस्य मे दाता भूयोऽपि भूयस:

जो भगवान् सूर्य चैत्र मास में धाता नाम से कृतस्थली अप्सरा, पुलस्त्य ऋषि, वासु की सर्प, रथकृत यक्ष, हेति राक्षस तथा तम्बुरु गन्धर्व के साथ अपने रथ पर रहते हैं, उन्हें तथा हमारा पुन:-पुन: कल्याण करें। धाता सूर्य आठ हजार किरणों के साथ तपते हैं तथा उनका रक्त वर्ण है।

As described, dhata gives heat of 800 rays. Need to go in detail of this. Dhata’s color is blood – this possibly means, let the soil be suntanned until it becomes रक्त वर्ण.

We need to do more research and find out importance of अप्सरा,ऋषि,सर्प,यक्ष,राक्षस and गन्धर्व associated with Dhata.