Toyota to build power plant based on cow manure, India? Slaughter hub and meat exporter!


Smart energy

When your leaders are  not aligned with real potential of cattle, they prepare for mass destruction by promoting cow slaughter and beef export.

There is a great potential in cow-dung. We have discussed  many time the value of cow dung in sustainable economy. From food production to energy, mother cow is really Kamadhenu!

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Japanese automobile giant Toyota is making some exciting moves in the realm of renewable, clean energy. They realized the value of manure and taking bold steps. Unlike present Indian companies and govt.

I hope Indian govt realize the realize untapped potential of cow dung and invest heavily in it instead of wasting same money behind toxic electric batteries production.


Toyota to build power plant to convert cattle manure into electricity, hydrogen


Toyota’s New Power Plant Will Create Clean Energy from Manure


Toyota plans to build a power plant in California that captures methane gas from dairy cattle manure to generate water, electricity and hydrogen.

“We understand the tremendous potential to reduce emissions and improve society,” said Doug Murtha, Toyota’s North America group vice president for strategic planning.

The company announced the project Thursday at the Los Angeles auto show. The Tri-Gen Project at the Port of Long Beach, Calif., will be the world’s first commercial-scale 100% renewable power and hydrogen generation plant. Toyota is betting heavily on fuel-cell technology, especially in Japan.

When it comes online around 2020, Tri-Gen will produce enough energy to power the equivalent of about 2,350 average-sized homes and meet the daily driving needs of nearly 1,500 vehicles — approximately 2.35 megawatts of electricity and 1.2 tons of hydrogen per day, according to Toyota.

In addition, the hydrogen fueling station will support the automaker’s operations at the port.

“Tri-Gen is a major step forward for sustainable mobility and a key accomplishment of our 2050 environmental challenge to achieve net zero CO2 emissions from our operations,” Murtha said.

Desi Cow’s Dung : Essential fuel for Ayurveda



Can you run a diesel car with petrol? Or a petrol car with Kerosene? What if, you do that? What happens to engine?

Similarly, Ayurvedic medicines cannot be prepared with any other fuel but cow-dung. DESI COW DUNG. Period.

It is this vital factor, that is missing in preparation of Ayurvedic medicines now a days and so you see no impact of medicines. From purification of minerals to preparation of ark, fire is necessary and that too slow burning on cow-dung cake. No gas or electric burner can serve the purpose, like the car example I gave above.

Everyday millions of cows are slaughtered as they become useless for owners. Millions of them are forced for pregnancy to satisfy our milk thirst. And Ayurveda becomes irrelevant day by day in upcoming generations.

If there is one thing one can do to stop this nonsense, is SAVE COW and NURTURE COW. LOVE COW.

At least, teach your child a lesson that dung is not bad. Dung is boon! Mother Cow’s boon!

Cow-Dung(Gomeya) as Bioremediation



Use and misuse of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and petrochemicals by man is causing havoc with nature. They are hazardous because of potential toxicity, mutagenicity, carcinogenicity, and genotoxicity.

Honest chemists, farmers and doctors know about this but only handful of them dare to go against the trend.

If you know any of such genuine chemist, farmer or doctor, ask them to connect with Gau shala. Only gau mata has power to rejuvenate nature quickly, effectively and long lastingly free of cost.

Gomeya/cow dung is used as an excellent bioremediation method. Thus, utilizing freely available cow dung as slurry or after composting in rural areas, is a cheap and effective measure to bioremediate the harmful pollutants.

Same dung is excellent medicine and can act as harmless, zero side effect anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-blood pressure medicine.

And if you have any contact with present Govt’s policy makers, give them some lights. They are acting like a moron and want Americanization of healthcare. Stop them now or be ready face dire consequences.

Gau, Ganga and Bioremediation of Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, and Petrochemicals

Bioremediation of Soil Contaminated with Tannery Effluent by Combined Treatment with Cow Dung and Microorganisms Isolated from Tannery Effluent

Bioremediation potential of a combination of cow dung and a microbial consortium (Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Penicillium chrysogenum and Aspergillus niger) in soil contaminated with tannery effluent, was investigated in the laboratory. Concentrations of phenol, sulphide and ammonium nitrogen in contaminated soil, were significantly reduced (P=0.000) to permissible levels after treatment with microbial consortium, cow dung or combination of microbial consortium and cow dung. Reduction of these compounds was best with combination of microbial consortium and cow dung. Cr (VI) level (139.2 mg/kg) was significantly reduced (P=0.000-0.050) by 33.2, 96.9 and 99.9% after treatment with microbial consortium, cow dung, and combination of consortium and cow dung, respectively. The treatments elevated soil pH from 5.8 to 6.9-7.2. Growth of maize in soil treated with the combination of microbial consortium and cow dung was not significantly different from growth in uncontaminated soil. Cr (VI) concentrations in the maize tissues were very low (0.002-0.006 mg/g). Thus combination of microbial consortium and cow dung may have potential application in bioremediation of soil polluted by tannery wastes.


Priceless Prasad : Cow Dung Ash


These references from Manu Smriti signifies priceless value of Holy Ash of Gau maa’s Prasad.

तैजसानां मणीनां च सर्वस्याश्ममयस्य च ।
भस्मनाद्भिर्मृदा चैव शुद्धिरुक्ता मनीषिभिः । ।
The wise ordain that all (objects) made of metal, gems, and anything made of stone are to be cleansed with ashes, earth, and water. (Who needs washing powder? )

न मूत्रं पथि कुर्वीत न भस्मनि न गोव्रजे । ।
Do not spoil sacred ash. (It is like spoiling your daily medicines, supplements! Will you do it?)

वेणुवैदलभाण्डानां लवणानां तथैव च ।
मृण्मयानां च हरणे मृदो भस्मन एव च ।
Double the fine when someone steal holy Ash. ( More than gold!)

Cycle of destruction started by occupying minds of locals. First, they made Manu and his teaching irrelevant by changing education system. Once Manu became irrelevant and controversial, गौ became just another animal on the street. Now, गौ has become irrelevant….wait and watch for total collapse.

Clean India without Cow?

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Cow Dung

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