Microbes, Mood Changer, Dahi

Panchamrut Img src: http://goo.gl/a9VKlP
Img src: http://goo.gl/a9VKlP

No ritual of this land ends without Prasad. No Prasad without Panchamrita (पञ्चामृत). It is a mixture of five foods used in Hindu worship and puja, usually honey, sugar, milk, yogurt, and ghee. I remember, how my mother used to stop me every time I start from home for exam. She would feed a spoon full of misti dahi (dahi and/or jaggery/sugar) as a शुकन token and my success in exams. In marriage ritual, पञ्चामृत is used profusely as it is major emotional event for both families. Mighty God Krishna is never seen without probiotic food.

Amazing science behind it! As I shared in last post about connection of CAT and अपशुकन in last post, here is the connection of पञ्चामृत and शुकन (Well-being or well-execution of future immediate actions). All thanks to tiny little microbes whom we are ready to kill everyday using anti-microbes weapons. 🙂

Fermentation And Life Img src: https://goo.gl/b8ec5Z
Fermentation And Life
Img src: https://goo.gl/b8ec5Z

Lactobacilli bacteria in dahi reduces anxiety, chronic fatigue and depression. That is the magic of just one type of bacteria. Generally when dahi is fermented at home, it can have all beneficial bacteria. In पञ्चामृत, ghee and honey are potent probiotic food, increasing potency of altering our mood.

There is another bacteria in probiotic food: Bifidobacterium infantis. Probiotic treatment with B. infantis in a rat maternal separation model of depression resulted in a normal immune response, normal behavior, and normal levels of stress hormone in the brainstem compared to untreated rats. (As I’ve stated many times here, gut function affects all body parts, including the brain.)
So your mother or grandmother was more scientific than you and me who were laughing on them for blind rituals.

Things to take care for availing full benefits of probiotic Dahi

1) Fermentation must happen at home. Factory made Dahi will have bacteria from factory environment (other than Lactobacilli). Our home is full of bacteria suited for our body. So prepare dahi at home.

2) For probiotics to survive beyond acidic stomach pathway and establish themselves in GUT, milk, honey, jiggery used should be full of nutrition which bacteria can use for survival in harsh stomach conditions. Find Raw Desi Gay milk for it. Find chemical-free unprocessed honey and jiggery. Find unrefined non-white sugar.

3) Consume fresh Dahi. Do not refrigerate.

4) Prepare Panchamrit. Not exclusive dahi. Take in small quantity. For large quantity, prepare butter milk.

5) Avoid during monsoon due to unstable environment crowded so many different pathogens.

Sangathan Sukta : Seeds of Democracy


Seeds of democracy

ओम् सं समिद्युवसे वृषन्नग्ने विश्वान्यर्य आ।
इलस्पदे समिध्यसे स नो वसून्या भर ||

सग्ङ्च्छध्वं सं वदध्वं सं वो मनांसि जानताम् ।
देव भागं यथा पूर्वे सं जानाना उपासते ||

समानो मन्त्रः समितिः समानी मनः सह चित्तेषाम्।
समानं मन्त्रभिमन्त्रये वः समानेन वा हविषा जुहोमि ||

समानी व आकूतिः समाना हृदयानि वः ।
समानमस्तु वो मनो यथा वः सुसहासति ||

हे प्रभो! तुम शक्तिशाली हो बनाते सृष्टि को । वेद सब गाते तुम्हें हैं कीजिये धन वृष्टि को ||
प्रेम से मिलकर चलो बोलो सभी ज्ञानी बनो। पूर्वजों की भांति तुम कर्तव्य के मानी बनो ||
हों विचार समान सब के चित्त मन सब एक हों । ज्ञान देता हूँ बराबर भोग्य पा सब नेक हों ||
हों सभी के दिल तथा संकल्प अवरोधी सदा ।मन भरे हों प्रेम से जिस से बढ़े सुख सम्पदा ||

Cow Milk and Prebiotic Medium

Everyone is talking about probiotic food nowadays. Sadly, this awareness is mostly limited to two jargon 1) Probiotic 2) Prebiotic

Let us try to understand, what they are!

Probiotics are live microorganisms that live in gastrointestinal (GI) tract and are beneficial for their hosts and prevent certain diseases.

Prebiotics are non‐digestible food ingredients that beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating the growth and activity of probiotic bacteria in the colon. All dietary prebiotics and/or dietary fiber provide the physiological and beneficial effects and, therefore, are considered as essential nutrients.

In post antibiotic obsession era, everyone is now praising microbes. But no one is talking about microbes sustenance medium. Healthy bacteria survives when their environment is potent to provide them continuous nutrition.

Prebiotic – this is where desi zebu cattle milk plays wonder. It is potent prebiotic.

Probiotic benefits
Probiotic benefits

गौर्धयति मरुतां शरवस्युर्माता मघोनाम |
युक्ता वह्नी रथानाम || (ऋगवेद ८-९४-१)

गौ माता दूध पिलाती है, उस दूधसे संतृप्त हो मरुत वीर रथसंचालक (वेगवान) बनते है|

As you read translation, only desi Gau mata’s A2 milk is potent enough to provide them driving force ( रथसंचालक). If such potent medium is not provided (like many Vegan friends find alternative solution in Vegan Dahi made up using coconut or badam or any other nuts) to them, health bacteria may die soon, before reaching to their destination i.e. GUT. Dead probiotic means more danger for digestive track! More efforts to clean the track! Acidity! Ulcer!

Probiotics promote gut health through stimulation, rather than suppression, of the innate immune system. Our first lines of defense are digestive chemistry and innate immunity.

For a probiotic to work it must arrive alive in the colon. They arrive alive only when they have enough food while travelling and are acid proof (Protected from gastric acids). It has been recommended that food containing probiotic bacteria should contain at least 10^6 live micro organisms per g or mL at the time of consumption to have protective effects such as maintenance of normal intestinal micro flora, enhancement of the immune system, reduction of lactose intolerance and anti-cancer activity.
Along with that probiotics should resist the natural barrier of high acidity and bile content in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and show their survivability and activity in the colon.

Only Desi Gau milk based fermentation has both powers. (Do your experiments if you have doubts).

Which Desi Gau milk?

या शर्धाय मारुताय सवभानवे शरवो.अम्र्त्यु धुक्षत |
या मर्ळीके मरुतां तुराणां या सुम्नैरेवयावरी || Rugved – Book 6 – Hymn 48 – Verse 12

Gau who provides immortal nectar milk for powerful self-illuminating Marut(s); the one who provides happiness/comfort to swift-footed(quick runner) Marut(s), that divine Gau comes to your home only by glorious efforts and actions.

Gau mata can give such nectar milk only when she is worshiped by brave men doing selfless glorious acts for society. Gau seva for selfish motives is not desirable. So if you purchase milk from professional gau shala, you will still will not avail full benefits of nectar. You first need to worship Gau mata whose milk you want to avail. Without worship, you cannot connect with her. Without connecting with her, it is not possible to receive her blessings.

Krishna with Gaia
Krishna with Gaia

Krishna is Krishna due to Gau Mata Seva and Worship. Do we follow him? 🙂

Fundamental fallacy in dairy model is: disconnect between mata and son. Mother can foster best prasad (milk, urine, dung), only when she is taken care best! Factory model of dairy don’t yield benefits described here.


Putna, Krishna and Gau

Krishna fighting against Putna src: Google search
Krishna fighting against Putna
src: Google search

Each story has hidden meaning if we learn to decipher. There is popular story known in our cutlure about Avtar Krishna and Demon Putna. And how baby Krishna kills the demon Putna.

The word “Pūtanā”, broken as “Pūt” (virtue) and “nā” (no) means “devoid of virtue”. Another explanation derives “Pūtanā” from “Pūta” (purifying), thus meaning “she who purifies”.Putana (Sanskrit: Pūtanā, lit. “putrefaction”) is a Matrika, who is killed by the infant-god Krishna.

In reality, Putna is a childhood sickness. Often due to post-delivery stress, mother’s milk become vitiated and imbalance of Dosha (Kapha, Pitta, Vayu balance) happens. More often in the case of first time mothers. If child’s mother cannot feed (in case of Krishna, mother was not able to feed), foster-mother feed. If this foster-mother’s intentions are not good, has no love for the child, milk becomes poison. And Putna arrives to kill or hamper the growth of the child.

Due to drinking such milk, infant’s body’s Vayu is aggravated and so infant suffers from Lack of sleep, diarrhea & constant thrist and constant crying. That is Putna.

If not taken care, infant dies. This is one of the primary cause of infant mortality.

Baby-Krishna could survive such vitiated milk. And that is how he killed the Putna!


Solution: घृत ghee (COW GHEE)

” पिप्पली त्रिफला चूर्णं घृत क्षौद्र परिप्लुतम l
बालो रोदिति य: तस्मै: लेढुम दद्यात सुखावहम ll ” ( योग-रत्नाकर – द्वितीय खंड – बालरोग चिकित्सा )

Pippali and trifala churna with ghee and honey.

Needless to mention that Krishna was living with Nanda the Cow expert. So he must have got this treatment immediately. And since he took birth with perfect body, it was easy for him to fight against poisoned milk.

Things to take care:
1) Never give ghee and honey in same quantity i.e. 1 ml ghee + 1 ml honey = this is not preferable.
2) Purity of the sources. Ghee prepared from ethically procured milk and prepared by churning. Honey procured ethically without harming bees.

This is the reason, feeding mother should never take stress of any kind. She should be always cheerful and stress-free. Her food should be rich and wholesome prepared by someone who has highest love for both newly became mother and infant. And so post-delivery, new mother prefers to live with her mother. 🙂

वसुदेवसुतं देवं कंसचाणूरमर्दनम् देवकीपरमानन्दं कृष्णं वंदे जगद्गुरुम्|

Superiority of Hindu Laws: Manu,Yagnvalkya,Jaimini,Gautam


भारतीय इतिहास – 101 : Superiority of Hindu Laws
Laws of Manu,Yagnvalkya,Jaimini,Gautam etc


When you talk about establishing Hindu Laws in Bharat, secular jaundiced eyes with half-baked knowledge of ancient laws, will stare at you with contempt.

Here is what learned professor of Law, practicing British Laws under British administration, has to say about Hindu Laws and why we must thrive to study our laws in 1941, make them relevant as per current times and get them implemented in our Nation:

“The Hindu system of jurisprudence is awell-developed science. It is as old as humanity itself. It is the store-house of ancient wisdom. inherited from hoary sages, saints, philosophers and thinkers whose ideals were the loftiest, whose ideas were derived from imperishable Vedas and who can literally be described as the torch-bearers of learning and knowledge to the rest of the world, as it then existed. It is thorough, complete and self-contained. The systems of law that followed Hindu Jurisprudence have not, even to the present-day reached the borders of its eternal height; presumption of any one of them having surpassed it in excellence or completeness is simply ludicrous. In point of comprehensiveness, the Hindu Law in its various branches occupies a fairly high place among the systems of ancient jurisprudence.

In the first place, its conception of legal liability is very perspicuous, and in spite of its retention of the eighteen divisions of topics of litigation, as described by Manu, its growth has not been stinted, the various aspects of juridical relations developing equally within its orbit as in other systems of law.

Secomily, the administration of justice is clearly actuated by a high sense of duty and a very lofty ideal of the law-givers regarding the functions which they had to discharge; they were moved by the higher ideal of DHARMA which in one of its phases looks up to revelation, and in another, looks forward to the permanent welfare of the entire sentient world.

Thirdly, keen logicality, subtlety of discrimination, analytical skill and mathematical accuracy in defining legal conceptions are its special traits, the refined rules of ratiocination of Gautama and the principles of interpretation of Jairnini are too well-known to need any mention.

Lastly, the reason-ableness of the rules has been kept in view all along the line so that they may not be detrimental to the interests of the community at large. ”

– 1941, Kashi Prasad Saksena, M.Sc. LLB, Advocate and professor of Law at DAV college, Kanpur, Author of ‘Muslim Laws and lawyers’

His realization has more credit than sick-seculars since he had studied and practices all types of laws.

Gau Gavya and Gau-Raksha


When someone represent गौ-रक्षक in negative image, my blood boils. As a leader, I should actually promote that every citizen should be गौ-रक्षक!

गाय & गव्य
गाय & गव्य

Gavya is a Sanskrit word. It has multiple meanings. It is actually a bridge between different forms of Gau.

Gau means Cow. Gau means senses. Gau means mother Earth. Gavya is their prasad. One produces and another consumes. Cycle goes on forever.

गौ रक्षक
गौ रक्षक

Panchgavya is elixir from Gau, for Gau (Human senses and Mother Earth). Result again is Gavya (Seva from Humans and produce from Mother earth) from gau, for Gau (Cow).

Method of preparation

Pancha-Gavya and Gau Raksha
Pancha-Gavya and Gau Raksha

Panchagavya, an organic product has the potential to play the role of promoting growth and providing immunity in plant system. Panchagavya consists of nine products viz. cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd, jaggery, ghee, banana, Tender coconut and water. When suitably mixed and used, these have miraculous effects.

Cow dung – 7 kg
Cow ghee – 1 kg
Mix the above two ingredients thoroughly both in morning and evening hours and keep it for 3 days

Cow Urine – 10 liters
Water – 10 liters
After 3 days mix cow urine and water and keep it for 15 days with regular mixing both in morning and evening hours. After 15 days mix the following and panchagavya will be ready after 30 days.

Cow milk – 3 liters
Cow curd – 2 liters
Tender coconut water – 3 liters
Jaggery – 3 kg
Well ripened poovan banana – 12 nos.

Read more: http://agritech.tnau.ac.in/org_farm/orgfarm_panchakavya.html


We all have Vishnu seated in us. We must perform duties in his form. Being Gopati.

Cows are umbilical cord of life on EARTH


गौ संसार की गर्भनाल है
Cows are umbilical cord of life on EARTH .


Imagine this world, this universe as giant womb where you took birth and being groomed constantly by mother nature. Cow is the umbilical cord for us, leveraging life from the universe.

Being mother, such a sublime value she has in our life. What happens to unborn in the womb when the cord is obstructed/cut?

Death. We are almost living dead.

By Shri Subodh Kumar ji:

“5. आ नो यातं दिवो अच्छा पृथिव्या हिरण्ययेन सुवृता रथेन |
मा वाम अन्ये नि यमन्‌ देवयन्तः सं यद ददे नाभिः पूर्व्या वाम || RV4.44.5, AV20.143.5

गौ माता द्वारा भूमि सुन्दर, पर्यावर्ण अनुकूल , जीवन आवागमन के साधन रथादि से समृद्ध सब के लिए समान रूप से बिना भेद भाव के उपलब्ध नियमित बनता है ठीक उसी प्रकार जैसे सब माताएं जन्म से पूर्व अपने गर्भ में भ्रूण को नाभि से समान रूप से नियमित पोषण प्राप्त कराती हैं |

Cows provide total inputs to sustain life by providing excellent environments, soil , food and sources of energy to sustain the life on the universe made available to everyone equally without any discrimination just like a mother that provides complete feed for the fetus in her womb through navel by umbilical cord.”

Indian Education Tragedy : Hijacked Philosophy


Do you know why movie PK (and alike anti-dharma mockeries) is success?
Do you know why many Indians now laugh on concept of reincarnation, moksha, dharma, artha?

Once it is established in the minds of an oppressed people that they have no glorious history of their own apart from history gifted by oppressors, the history and philosophy written by oppressors becomes legitimized and sometimes even glorified by intellectual leaders of the land!

Tragedy of Indian Education


Do you know why many Indians now laugh on concept of reincarnation, moksha, dharma, artha?

Once it is established in the minds of an oppressed people that they have no glorious history of their own apart from history gifted by oppressors, the history and philosophy written by oppressors becomes legitimized and sometimes even glorified by intellectual leaders of the land!

If you want to do survey, do it but it is indeed tragedy that the Departments of philosophy at many Indian universities are based on Hegelian Ideas and their derivatives.

Skills can be global, Education can not be. True Education system is always a local phenomenon. It is important to unveil these pseudo and anti-Bharat philosophers and historians so that upcoming generations find directional change for their progress and feel pride in their roots. It is easy uproot civilization when the citizen don’t feel importance of local culture and values. I am not saying you don’t teach Hegel in college. Just don’t limit yourself to him. Don’t keep him in base of your thinking.

This is the problem with the world. People who think, hardly act. Those who act, hardly thinks. In Bharatiya history, we have ample role models who were Thinkers as well as diligent action-takers. And this list is topped by Krushn. We jailed him behind the bars of Temple, never allowed him in our life, demonstrating true values of leader. Hitlers and Napoleans and Maos, go on doing things, while so-called thinkers, hegel, Kant, Hume, go on thinking…never do anything.

Decide your role model in persisting manner.

Mighty Guru and Mother : Need of the hour



Where are Ramdas the mighty Guru and Jijabai the mighty maa! We need you back! We pray that you mold one more Shivaji for this land!

Ramdas the mighty Guru and Jijabai the mighty maa are hidden in you and me! We must become one! Shivaji is not ordinary soul! You must toil hard to invite him and take birth again! Toil! Work hard! Become!

Nation and society where mothers are blind like Gandhari and Gurus are helpless like Drona,are destined for annihilation.

जिस देशमें माँ गांधारीकी तरह अंध हो और गुरु द्रोणकी तरह मजबूर हो उस देश और समाजका पतन निश्चित है.

कहाँ है २१वी सदीके जीजाबाई और समर्थ रामदास? Clarion call for you!

Daughter: Vedic Ritual Perspective



The Daughter is affection incarnate and it is as such that Vedic Literature depicts her. She has never been denied the rights her brother enjoys. A critical analysis will reveal that in the Vedic Ritual, the Daughter is just as important as the son, if not more; as a matter of fact, in many places it would appear as though in ancient India the Daughter was more important for the parents than the son.

If you are indeed following vedic way of living, you will pray for daughter birth. The daughter is for the parents the sum-total of purity, tenderness, affection, devotion and bliss. It is utter ignorance or devilish motive to term Vedic rituals/samskaras exclusively for Male population.

Take for example Pumsavanan Samskara. It has become popular belief by those who follow modern dictionaries written by British indologists that it is Samskara to beget male child and has nothing to do with female child. Utterly nonsensical! If the meaning of the word ‘Pums’ be limited to males only and the Pumsavana be a rite that must be performed, there remains no rite to be performed for the birth of a daughter. But the fact is that the birth of a daughter is most welcome. In Sanskrit literature the word ‘Pums’ does not exclusively mean males alone but is also found used in the sense of human beings in general. Thus, when Varaharnihira says the earth has veins just as the bodies of Pums’ have, the word Pums’ conveys necessarily the sense of human beings, as women too have veins in their bodies. Hemacandra in his Abhidhana-cintamani gives “martya: one who is mortal,” Bhu-sprs:”one who touches (is born on) the earth,” etc. as the synonyms of ‘Pums’. All these necessarily include the sense of women as well. In commenting upon a couplet quoted in the Bhamati which includes the word ‘Pums’ in the genitive plural, Bhatta Gopinatha in his treatise Upodghata says the word Pums means males as well as females. The Asvalayana Srautasutra too uses Pums in the same sense.

Thus, while describing rituals, sutra-kara(s) use masculine noun to represent पुरुषत्व. पुरुषत्व is gender-free quality, like प्रकृति is. In fact, there are places when special feminine mention is required, it is mentioned with specific noun. In fact, analysis of punsavan samskara shows that Girl child is that, sutra-kara(s) raise no objection to the birth of others of her sex, nay, more-they introduce a girl in particular, not a boy!

Here are some popular examples of rituals performed for longing daughter as child and nurturing her with highest divinity:

(1) Parents perform Kaamya-sraddhas on the second day of the moon in the hope of having a daughter.
(2) Desirous of having a daughter, the husband touches all the fingers of the wife except the thumb during the marriage ceremony.
(3) Longing for a daughter the bridegroom shows the bride after she has reached her new horme the Dhruva and other constellations.
(4) The parents deem it a favour of god if they can have sons as well as daughters by their side during the performance of sacrifices.
(5) The Rigveda praises the father of many daughters.
(6) The daughter claims her support from parents not for nothing, but for her devotion to them. They care for her as much as they do for their son; or it may be said-even more, as the father is found to worship the daughter (kumari) as an emblem of Virginity, as an emblem of Purity, of Tenderness. Devotion, and what not.


Just as the Matrika-puja is to take place at the beginning of all Vedic rituals, the Kumari-puja is recommended to be performed at the end of all; and this latter worship, the Daughter-Worship, is impossible in the absence of a daughter as she is to be bodily present. The father wraps her up with new garments, entertains her with delicious dishes and walks round her. From her first year onwards she is worshipped as different deities; if she is one year old, as Sandhya: if two, Sarasvati: and so on. Thus as she grows, the parents find in her different manifestations of the Supreme Soul,-blessing them in every possible way. The daughter is indeed the embodiment of all blessings for the parents and the family.

Actions to be taken:

Inspire more and more healthy, sacred, responsible parents who can imbibe best of the best samskara to children, to beget daughter more than son. Daughters can create more and more dharmik families. Creating dharmik families is indeed need of the hour.

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