Cancer Cells
Cancer Cells

[Based on reading late Dr M L Kothari’s cancer research]

Cancer is not a disease, but a biological event programmed by cells. The ticks of this event were started way back in past before symptoms are surfaced. The inception of cancer-starts as a very small, silent event that tardily marches over several years to the stage of being detected.

This initial event programmed by cell is due to several reasons. Some of them physiological and some psychological. Our body cells are themselves individual unique organisms with individual identity. They forget own identity to support larger existence i.e. your body. So they selflessly work day and night, perform own duty towards Nation (your body). It is Nation’s (body or “I” that govern body) reciprocal duty to provide stress-free life to each cell. Mentally stress-free life for cell is possible when “I” do not live life under any mental stress. Physically stress-free life for each cell is possible when “I” eat nutrient-rich, less-toxic or non-toxic food which can provide continuous support to each cell’s biological need. “I” also need to take care of vital Prana (force that keep the communication between “I” and each cell proper. Prana can be maintained by Prayer, meditation, exercise.

Now since our modern life expect us to live with stressful life, junk food devoid of nutrients and full of toxins, Genetically modified food, lack of exercise and prayer, wifi, mobile towers etc; so cancerous events are triggered in almost all of us. Only when the tolerance level of cells is passed, cells disconnect with identity of “I” and start living selfish life. So for their individual existence, they proliferate out of control. One fine day, tumor is detected.

So what is solution? Removing tumor is cancer treatment? No it is just a self-satisfaction of modern medicine that they can control cancer. They cannot as cancer is inherent nature of each cell. Until stress is controlled, cancer is not treated.

Treatment is not perfect if it does not restore cell identity and connect it again with you, your “I”. If you remove tumor from X position, it will resurface again at some other place. This is because canceribility (ability to disconnect from body and grow separately i.e. Ego of cell) is inherent nature of all cells. It is not treated. It can be treated when we take rest. When we remove stress. When we start eating healthy food. When we live more socially active life. When we live more jovial and smiling life.

Every human being geneti­cally possesses the cancerability of tissues. Such cancerability, as a biologic feature, is normally distributed. All humans can, thus, develop cancer, yet only a fixed percentage (20%) of them does. This is dependent on the fact that to express cancerability, a human being must cross a certain threshold of physical, mental stress. This is the reason you sometimes see relatively healthy person inflicted by cancer and a chain smoker living cacer-free life 🙂.

Take care. Take care of your body very well. Love and nurture each cell of your body daily by right food, right exercise, faith in self, faith in God/almighty/mother nature.

Side Note

‘Undead’ genes come alive days after life ends

Although rat is dead, its genes may still be functioning, a new study reveals.
Although rat is dead, its genes may still be functioning, a new study reveals.

At first, the researchers assumed that genes would shut down shortly after death, like the parts of a car that has run out of gas. What they found instead was that hundreds of genes ramped up. Although most of these genes upped their activity in the first 24 hours after the animals expired and then tapered off, in the fish some genes remained active 4 days after death.

Many of these postmortem genes are beneficial in emergencies; they perform tasks such as spurring inflammation, firing up the immune system, and counteracting stress. Other genes were more surprising. “What’s jaw-dropping is that developmental genes are turned on after death,” Noble says. These genes normally help sculpt the embryo, but they aren’t needed after birth. One possible explanation for their postmortem reawakening, the researchers say, is that cellular conditions in newly dead corpses resemble those in embryos. The team also found that several genes that promote cancer became more active. That result could explain why people who receive transplants from the recently deceased have a higher risk of cancer, Noble says. He and his colleagues posted their results on the preprint server bioRxiv last week, and Noble says their paper is undergoing peer review at a journal.