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During his last tenure as Shri Krishna, he fought tirelessly against all adharmic elements of Society.

When everyone kept mum during draupadi vastraharan, some under the influence of adharma and some under the influence of pseudo-dharma, he took the side of dharma and protected Draupadi.

When King of Aasaam (कामरूप desh) ceaselessly captured woman-folk from citizens and exploited them, beloved Krishan attacked him and released 16000 Mahilas and gave them state protection.

Unfortunately, both these episodes are understood in wrong and/or diluted spirit by majority of us.

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Trivialization of Itihas
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Now, when you allow to en-cash these episodes by modern evil forces as per modern life, you not only create cognitive dissonance which is fatal for society in the long run, you also trivialize essential lessons i.e. protection of women folk.

Trivial and petty selfish depiction by tearing apart morals associated with events, we not only do injustice to Avatar and his work but also spit venom of insults against one of the mightiest character i.e. Draupadi

Majority of mass will rely on symbols and archtypes to follow ideals in life. These symbols used for eternal and alive God(s), Deva(s), Devi(s) are shared with them since childhood by visual and auditory perceptions. Stories, Bhajans, songs, drama etc.

Now when these Asuric mass mediums derail them and shamelessly replace with modern depictions, mass is under tremendous subconscious cognitive dissonance. The storm is so powerful that they slowly disconnect from the roots. A major loss for society. Loss because, self-realization path for majority is derailed.

Once self-realization is hampered, expect chaos everywhere.

Provide immunity to your family from such Asuric forces.

This my stand for all popular mediums spreading mockery about Hindu deities.

If you can protect and respect Mahila, you are entitled for celebrating Krishna-Janm. Don’t fool yourself. Don’t be a fake if you are timid sheep of the herd.

Choice is yours. Living life like an insect who will turn everything into gossip and trivia or the one with self-respect and strength. What state of society we want?


  1. Wonderful article, there is so much confusion in this modern era because of middle men who are not fully educated or wise enough to lead people to Dharmic path. Your articles are eye opener and leaves us with happy feeling of Sri Krishna and the way He protects Real Dharma, women, innocent people and His devotees from these negative forces. Keep writing and guiding us . Thank you very much