अतिन्द्रिय & अचिन्त्य
Give me proof of Gau mutra?
What proof? 😀
It is अचिन्त्य medicine. We don’t waste time in seeking proofs for अचिन्त्य.
अचिन्त्य = तर्कसे जानने योग्य नहीं…
Like herbs, mantra(s) are also अचिन्त्य power of healing.
अचिन्त्यो हि मणिमंत्रोषधिप्रभाव:।
Jewels, mantra, herbs = अचिन्त्य impact.
Don’t waste time in rational proofs. Have faith, that’s it.
अतीन्द्रियान् असंवेद्यान् पश्यन्त्यार्षेण चक्षुषा
ये भावान् वचनं तेषां नानुमानेन बाध्यते
आविर्भूतप्रकाशानाम् अनुपप्लुतचेतसाम्
अतीतानागतज्ञानं प्रत्यक्षान् न विशिष्यते |
अतिन्द्रिय or अज्ञेय hints are beyond gross senses. योगजन्य ज्ञान helps in deciphering these hints. And when some yogi deciphers and present to us, such hints are beyond अनुमान (logic).
For example, if some self-realized person says that it will rain tomorrow. We can at the best can wait for tomorrow and experience it. It is futile to engage in logical observation like “There are no clouds. How can it rain tomorrow?” “There is no weather forecast for tomorrow.”
It is futile to find logic in अतिन्द्रिय hints. Wait, believe and watch. 🙂 I always put intuition over intellect. They are more reliable. at least for me. 🙂