There is a manuscript of Maharsi Bharadvaja titled ‘Amsu-bodhini’ (with a commentary of Bodhananda) at the library of Oriental Institute, Vadodara (Baroda). In the introductory passages, it is said that in the original text of Bharadvaja, the aphorisms of ‘Amsu-bodhini’ are divided into twelve chapters having one thousand sections. In order to make it understandable, Bodhananda wrote a commentary on it. Actually the available manuscript is the first chapter of the work, having a commentary over the first 50 aphorisms of Maharsi Bharadvdja.

The title of this chapter is ‘Srstvadhikarah i.e. the Evolution of the Universe. Description of aphorisms in first chapter describes creation of Solar system. Study of this manu-script concludes,

1. the nature and properties of the ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiations were well known in Ancient India,
2. they knew the properties and methods of preparation of materials useful in such radiation studies and
3. presumably also knew the theory and practice of this and other four types of spectrometer.

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