Apple a day
So will our food be safer if Maggi comes in new improved Avtar? 🙂
No. Problem of toxins in food is not limited in processing or storage step. It is well integrated with growing food for you and me.
For example, Apple that we eat comes from Himachal and other cold mountain regions. Two chemicals shown in picture are just examples. These are 2 of the 15 chemicals that one of the chemical farmers sprays before harvest. The purpose of these 2 is to make apples larger in size, and make them red all across. The farmer doesn’t want to use them, as he knows they are poison, but says he has no other option, as if his apples aren’t bright red and shiny, he will get peanuts in the mandi.
This is just first step. Before harvest. After harvest, several rounds of chemical sprays happen to store them for long. For entire year.
As I shared earlier, it is not worth to eat exotic fruits. We not only consume poison but also are responsible for pollution in fragile mountain ecosystem where apple grow.
No, I don’t want scare you. Instead, I wish you use this information constructively and divert free time in search of safe food for self and family.
Do no search for perfect apple. Apple with perfect shape and color are often chemically grown. Nature does not grow anything with perfect plastic color. 🙂 If you really want to eat apple, search of naturally looking, some green some red type ugly apple 🙂 Chances are high that you are eating non-export quality, less chemically treated so called low quality apple as per market sense (but they are instead better than perfect red apple 🙂 )
Eat fruits and vegetables grown locally.
Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.
Do not desire non-seasonal food.
Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly, multiple times.