My dear doctor friends from Allopath branch often allege Ayurveda that it is not evidence based medicine.

For them, here is the reality check about their own branch:

“Only 20 to 37% of procedures in conventional medicine have been subjected to the same standards as demanded for CAM” [1][2]

So is this is not height of ignorance? Patients think that treatment they receive is fully tested but in reality only 38% is tested! 😀

Whereas, All Ayurvedic treatments are based on precise individual assessment and 1000s of years social community based experiments.

Using technology to find some new gene everyday or new protein everyday is not evidence based medicine 😀. The biggest missing part is patient’s feedback! Patient is never asked for feedback whether medicine works or not! 😀 And so called clinical trials only happen for small period covering 1-2 generation. What about trans-generational impact?

Trust me – this is good time and opportunity for Allopath doctors to leave ego aside and learn their own local Ayurvedic practices. Time ahead is chaotic.

[1] White, A. and Ernst, E., The case for uncontrolled clinical trials: a starting point for the evidence base for CAM, Complement Ther. Med., 9(2), 111–116, June 2001
[2] Imrie, R., The evidence for evidence based medicine, Complement Ther. Med., 8, 123–126, 2000..