Happy to see researches supporting view points I shared here in past 5 years against faulty genetic determinism.
Your environment is the key. And for your body’s cells, environment is anything outside cell, not limited to physical body organs and systems but your प्राणिक शरीर, Mind (Yes, in Hindu Philosophy, we don’t consider it as emergence of brain but a one layer of body!), home and workplace (वास्तु विद्या?), family, relatives, friends, colleagues. They all are environment. They all play role. Important role.
In past, I suggested here that if no medicine is working for sicknesses, it is time to change the place! Shift! This research supports the idea. 🙂
We also discussed how visiting Gau shala and worshiping Gau mata boosts immune system.
We also discussed how treatment in small clinic premises is more fruitful compare to large hospital complexes.
We also discussed how recalling ancestors daily (tarpana) helps immune system.
All points to the same fact: “Like fingerprints, immune systems vary from person to person. And although we all inherit a unique set of genes that help us respond to infections, recent studies have found that our history and environment—like where and with whom we live—are responsible for 60% to 80% of the differences between individual immune systems, while genetics account for the rest.”
80% Environment 20% Genes. Yes, just 20% genes.
I wonder why so many companies are investing heavily behind Gene research now when such evidences are reality? 🙂
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Bottom line:
Choose your company(friends/relatives) wisely. 🙂
Choose the place where you spend good amount of life wisely 🙂
Visit Nature as often you can
Spend time at Gau shala.
Spend time at river, sea, jungle
Let children play in dirt but @ known places and not at unknown places
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