Solution for never ending appetite for destruction is, fasting for growth. Fasting means painful pauses. Painful pauses on our appetite.

Almost all ecological damage is resultant factor of consumerism, unnecessary spending, low-quality machine made products and marketing mayajal!

Consumerism is a new habit, gift of industrial civilization. It did not exist in pre-industrialized world.

One step can stop this madness i.e. Go back to roots. Research and find out, how your great grandmother used to live. Include all pre-industrialized virtues in mainstream education.

Otherwise, if not you, your next generation is ready for pre-mature death.

भोगा न भुक्ता वयमेव भुक्ताः
तपो न तप्तं वयमेव तप्ताः ।
कालो न यातो वयमेव याताः
तृष्णा न जीर्णा वयमेव जीर्णाः ॥

हमने भोग नहीं भुगते, बल्कि भोगने ही हमें भुगता है; हमने तप नहीं किया, बल्कि हम स्वयं ही तप्त हो गये हैं; काल पसार नहीं हुआ, हम ही पसार हुए हैं; तृष्णा जीर्ण नहीं हुई, पर हम ही जीर्ण हुए हैं !