Childhood Asthma cases are increasing day by day. It is important to understand why there is sudden rise?

Short summary: Our ill-treatment to bacteria. Antibiotics, Floor cleaners, lack of ventilation at home (AC bedrooms), handwash/hand sanitizers etc. Toxins everywhere so that bacteria can hardly sustain. And lack of exposure to Sun so new healthy bacteria can hardly flourish.

Long analysis:

So far I talked about role of bacteria (or rather lack of it) residing in our body. Here is the interesting take on how your home environment decides whether infant will develop Asthma or not.

Basically, post industrialization (and possibly post world-war-II), one psychological disorder is prevalent everywhere i.e. germ-phobia. Germs are enemy, kill them! 🙂

We must radically alter our attitude. Germs are no enemy. Our life style actions are.

As per this study:

Infants exposed to a diverse range of bacterial species in house dust during the first year of life appear to be less likely to develop asthma in early childhood.

Children who were neither allergic nor prone to wheezing as three-year-olds were the most likely to have been exposed to high levels of bacteria, and paradoxically, to high levels of common allergens.


In fact, some of the protective bacteria are abundant in cockroaches and mice (And we kill them 🙂. What is that Ad? Kala hit! 😀 )

If your kid is suffering from Asthma, do not worry. Put controlled efforts in training their immune system. Exposure to health soil (garden at home without chemicals), Gau shala where healthy bacteria from Gobar and mutra can heal the immune responses at any age, organic farm, jungle, river is good.

Let your kid play in early morning sun and evening sunset sun. Exposure to Sun is essential. He is the source of all, including bacteria we lack.

Have enough fresh air circulation in bedroom (33% of time kids spend here while sleeping!). If you are switching AC, do not keep it on continuously. Open windows in between. Let there be Sun exposure to bedroom at least 2-3 hours during day.

In food, include wholesome प्राणयुक्त food. Fresh fruits (no fruit juice!), fresh salad, freshly cooked food (do not give food cooked 4- hrs back). Avoid processed food (biscuits, chocolates, wafers, noodles etc). Processed food consumes more Prana and so immune responses are compromised.

If you infant is still under breastfeeding, do it regularly, without fail! Mother’s milk is best source of प्राण needed for upper respiratory organs. More प्राण, more body supporting bacteria.


Lower Asthma Risk Is Associated with Microbes in Infants’ Homes

These results indicate that immune responses might be shaped by exposures during the first year of life differently than they are by later exposures. “These findings suggest that concomitant exposure to high levels of certain allergens and bacteria in early life may be beneficial,” the researchers wrote in the journal paper.