Don't be Churchil for your body
Don’t be Churchil for your body

As promised, couple of articles on dengue based on my conversation with a doctor who successfully treated dengue recently.

Before we move to the subject, some background information on viral infections

How do you feel when you see pictures from artificial famine of 1940s Bengal?

Disgusting right? Undercurrent of anger pass through entire body, resulted in shivering.

Our body cells go through similar famine trauma when we eat food (fast food, junk food, pesticide food) like morons, when we take unnecessary mental stress, when we indulge in sensual habits like animals. And that too during monsoon!

We are Churchill (who planned artificial famine in Bengal) for our body. On one hand we oppose subjugation by British and on the other hand, we blissfully enjoy same subjugation with own body! Worse breed of hypocrites? Yes, अनार्य, म्लेच्छा.

Roots of dengue or any viral infections are sown way back, on onset of monsoon and departure of summer. Time when we forget to switch food based on season. And we continue doing it without realizing stress upon digestive system and rest of the body.

Restraint is the mantra for monsoon. Mosquito is mere instrumental. Before it takes birth in favorable September temperature and post monsoon humidity, your body prepared well to welcome it!

Don’t be Churchill for your body. Never.