Sandhi Kala
Sandhi Kala

7 days before and 7 days after the junction of two consecutive seasons are the limit during which time the food of one season is to be gradually changed to the of succeeding season, for abrupt change without giving the digestive organs time to accommodate the change in diet, will cause diseases. This is not rocket science. Careful and sensitive outlook towards life can reveal it easily.

Are you dharmic (those who believe in Nature’s unshakable principles) or modern fools who eat Mc Burger and Pizza 365 days (with Cancer Cola)?

There is a progressive lassitude of the body from the end of winter, which reaches its maximum in summer. The energy of body progressively increases after summer and reaches its maximum in winter.

The digestive organs share this outer organic activity in general with other organs, hence the necessity of taking food of different tastes and quantity in each season.