विश्वामित्र’s संध्या prescription for राम
Many young friends question, why should I follow daily worship routine? The संध्या?

I do meditation. I feel good. I do Yoga postures. I feel great. I do breathing exercise and feeling supreme.

Then why mundane manual procedures?


That is the problem with us. Without experiencing, without realizing impact, castigating स्वधर्म.

संध्या is not feel-good factor. It is स्वधर्म. It is your duty towards the world. It is you कर्तव्य whenever you possess the human body.

प्रभातायाम् तु शर्वर्याम् विश्वामित्रो महामुनिः |
अभ्यभाषत काकुत्स्थौ शयानौ पर्ण संस्तरे || १-२३-१
कौसल्या सुप्रजा राम पूर्वा संध्या प्रवर्तते |
उत्तिष्ठ नर शार्दूल कर्तव्यम् दैवमाह्निकम् || १-२३-२
तस्य ऋषेः परम उदारम् वचः श्रुत्वा नृप नरोत्तमौ |
स्नात्वा कृत उदकौ वीरौ जेपतुः परमम् जपम् || १-२३-३
कृत आह्निकौ महावीर्यौ विश्वामित्रम् तपोधनम् |
अभिवाद्य अति संहृष्टौ गमनाय अभितस्थतुः || १-२३-४

At dawn after that night the great saint Vishvamitra spoke to the legatees of Kakutstha, Rama and Lakshmana, those that are sleeping on a grass bed.

“Fortunate is Kausalya to beget you as her son Rama… get up oh, tigerly-man, eastern aurora is emerging, daytime tasks towards gods are to be performed.”

On hearing the benign words of the sage those valorous and best ones among men got up, bathed, and on offering water oblation they mediated upon the supreme hymn, namely Gayatri.

On performing their dawn time duties those two stalwarts, Rama and Lakshmana, enthusiastically presented themselves before the ascetically rich sage Vishvamitra for further journey, duly venerating him.


While I talk about importance of SAndhya, some half-baked rationalists, who never waste opportunity to blame our scriptures for male-dominated pro-male society, raise their voice 😉 🙂

For them, here is the SundaKand

संध्या काल मनाः श्यामा ध्रुवम् एष्यति जानकी |
नदीम् च इमाम् शिव जलाम् संध्या अर्थे वर वर्णिनी || ५-१४-४९

“The ever youthful one with the best complexion, Seetha interested in the rites of Sandhya time will definitely come to this river with the auspicious water for Sandhya rite.”


Don’t waste life in useless intellectual analysis.

First and foremost: Act. Realize. That is when real interpretation of scriptures will dawn in you.