ऐन्द्रः प्राणो ऽ अङ्गे ऽ अङ्गे नि दीध्यद् ऐन्द्र ऽ उदानो ऽ अङ्गे ऽ अङ्गे निधीतः ।

आत्माकी प्रेरणा से, प्राण प्रत्येक अंगमें पहुंचा है | आत्माकी प्रेरणा से उदान प्रत्येक अंगमें रहता है|

– यजुर्वेद

It is Prana that is penetrating in each organ. It is prana that remains stable in each organ and represents wellness of the organ. And Prana is directed by the Atma tatva.

Whenever Prana level is reduced in organ or sense, the ultimate control to regain it back is with you only! Medicines will work if you have desire to live long and healthy life. Re-read above verse. ==> आत्माकी प्रेरणा से प्राण काम करता है|

Reason why sole focus of Sanatana dharma is to realize self. 🙂 That is the penultimate panacea for everything.

When you are sick and/or kid, it is आत्मबल of well-wishers (friends, family members, Guru) that protects and replenish your Prana.