The lesser known Summer fruit – The Neem Fruit
NeemThere are several summer fruits. But my special fruit, besides mango, is neem fruit.
Heard of? Had it? No?
Hmmm. 🙂
Those who live in villages, are connected with village culture, can understand what I am trying to convey.
Ripen Neem fruit. Amazing taste. Sour, sweet and bitter. From outer pulp to the seed surface, gradually, respectively. Perfect to re-sensitize taste sense.
“नैम्बफ़लं रसे तित्त्क्ं पाके तु कटु भेदनम् ||
स्निग्धं लघु उष्णं कुष्ठघ्नं गुल्मार्श कृमिमेहनुत |”
Neem fruit is Bhedana – helps to pass bowels easily
Snidgha – Unctuous, oily
Laghu – light to digest
Ushna – hot in potency
Gulmanut – Relieves bloating
Arshanut – relieves piles (hemorrhoids)
Kriminut – relieves worms and infection
Mehanut – Helps in diabetes.
As per guidance I received, eat it empty stomach in the morning. Before monsoon arrives! 🙂
Go, check! They are in abundant! 🙂


  1. Yes we use to eat in my village in Child hood. I have. More than twenty Been trees in my farm. Still if I go in summer and been fruits are ripen I try to eat. It is tasty too