Spoon feeding was never a culture here until it became necessary to print books due to declining state of intellect among mass under the constant stress of protecting land from invaders.So what is recorded is nothing but hints. Digest them and produce solutions as per your Kala (Time), place, country and social condition.

So, finding detailed proofs in Sanskrit Texts for traces of science and Technology is foolish idea to me. Instead, whatsoever hints are available, try to digest them. Realize them. And let your scientific temper deliver sustainable solutions for the future of the mankind.

 939_465664333558480_6477722619566870310_nScience is not Technology. We have rich culture of Vidhya (Spiritual knowledge of the existence) and Avidhya (Material knowledge of the world). But this does not mean, we always translated science into technology.

Despite knowing different forms of energy, including waves, we did not develop communication technology like we have.

Before inventing new technology as an application of known science, dharmic mind would always consider following points:

1) Is this sustainable solution? Is it cyclic in nature? Can it give back nature what it consumes?
2) Will it reduce human potential? (For example Phone diary made many of us losing memory power. Can you remember 50 imp numbers?)
3) Will it make humans addicts of their usage?
4) Is it destructive in nature?

any answer in negative means, it is worth not transforming science into specific technology.

So in my humble opinion, it is foolish to compare ancient science with modern technology. Instead, we should use our rich legacy to develop sustainable solutions for localization of living.