Mother’s soothing presence makes pain go away, changes gene activity in infant brain

Mother’s soothing touch and presence is critical for child development.

When your kid is ill (Or when given vaccine), spend full day with him/her. It is the real medicine.

Mother’s caring is also needed for brain development. So for at least first 5-7 years of life, mothers must not show severe anger. Forget about beating/hitting/punishing kids.

Take care.

Our culture teaches that bhu (soil – motherland), Cow and Tulsi are our mothers! This principle is true for them too!! Spend time in their worship!! and these mothers are magically enough to alter your gene activities!! We are eternally infant for them!!
“Our study shows that a mother comforting her infant in pain does not just elicit a behavioral response, but also the comforting itself modifies — for better or worse — critical neural circuitry during early brain development,”

“The more we learn about nurturing the infant brain during infancy, the better prepared we are to deal long-term with treating problems that arise from pain, and physical and mental abuse experienced during infancy,”


A Mother’s Soothing Presence Makes Pain Go Away – and Changes Gene Activity in the Infant Brain

-Research led by NYU Langone Medical Center offers insight into short-term effects of maternal caregiving on a developing brain