Focus? Lost! Distractions? Yes! Img src:
Focus? Lost! Distractions? Yes!
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Recently, I was having conversation with young educated friend. He was not able to follow instructions  I gave. Even after repeating the same twice, efforts were futile.


Adolescence has always been characterized by emotional intensity, impulsivity and risk-taking, the bid for autonomy, the quest for identity, and the desire for intimacy, sexual and otherwise.

When this impulsivity is channelized, society is gifted by wonderful talents like Olympic representatives, Footballers, scientists etc.

Unfortunately, modern teens do not get much help for this. Instead, majority of them are driven to distractions by their addiction to screen culture (TV,Mobile,Internet).

Tech offers a round-the-clock stage for teen drama. Like an app for emotionality, tech connects and quickens, heightens and amplifies all things. Even silence. Texting, video chat, sexting, and social media have created a streaming soap opera for teens, a scintillating reality-show subculture in which everyone gets to play both celebrity and paparazzi.

What is lost here? Focus. Concentration. Skill building. Talent nurturing. Passion for work.

Result? Mediocre next generation.

Do you want proof? Go and check any job mela where freshers are applying. (As per latest survey, out of 4 lakh or so engineers passing from Indian colleges every year, only 4% are worth with industry-readiness.)

Seeds of this tech obsession are sown in childhood when parents escape from their quality time kids and replaces real humans with gadgets.

Take care.

Teens have officially joined the mobile Data Tsunami, more than tripling mobile data consumption in the past year while maintaining their stronghold as the leading message senders. Using recent data from monthly cell phone bills of 65,000+ mobile subscribers who volunteered to participate in the research, Nielsen analyzed mobile usage trends among teens in the United States. In the third quarter of 2011, teens age 13-17 used an average of 320 MB of data per month on their phones, increasing 256 percent over last year and growing at a rate faster than any other age group.  Much of this activity is driven by teen males, who took in 382 MB per month while females used 266 MB.