When I read title of this news “Breakthrough: Nasal spray may soon replace the pill”

I laughed! Ha ha..breakthrough?

Dear Global Kids and super fool Indians who ignore their traditions,

we use this method sine ages. We do it by three popular ways

1) यज्ञ – We sacrifice gau maa’s ghee and dung along with medicinal plants and it fire God gives us back air full of medicinal properties. It does not only help the one who arranged the यज्ञ (Yajaman) but all in local environment, including trees and plants

2) We use Gau ghee as Nasal drops from ages. It is greatest cure for any neurological disorders

3) धूम्रपान – It is different thing that, we have spoiled the heart of this word by stuffing tobacco only. Taking smoke of medicinal plants is an age old habit.

Bhagwan Charak describes:

स्नात्वा भुक्त्वा समुल्लिख्य क्षुत्वा दन्तान्निघृष्य च| नावनाञ्जननिद्रान्ते चात्मवान् धूमपो भवेत्|

After bath, after meal, after vomit, after sneeze, after teeth cleaning, after Nasya (Nasal drop treatment), after anjan, after waking up from sleep – The one who has won all senses (जितेन्द्रिय) should only do धूम्रपान.

What should we smoke if we are जितेन्द्रिय?

रेणुकबिज,चन्दन,तमालपत्र,नागकेसर,नाखला,गूगल,अगर,वड etc. (I have full list if you want. Ask only if you are जितेन्द्रिय 🙂 )

What this news says

Breakthrough: Nasal spray may soon replace the pill

When the doctor gives us medicine, it is often in the shape of a pill. But when it comes to brain diseases, pills are actually an extremely ineffecient way to deliver drugs to the brain, and according to researchers from University of Southern Denmark we need to find new and more efficient ways of transporting drugs to the brain. Spraying the patient’s nose could be one such way.


  1. Hi
    As I shared we are working on desi Cows and in Delhi we made many products like
    Maha Panchgavya Ghrit (Desi Cow Ghee with 23 Herbs for nasal Drops)
    Environment healing Kit (a combination of 40 herbs to be burnt on desi cow uplas with desi ghee in a mud pot to purify indoor air and save ppl from virus and diseases and induces pran in the air )
    in which we intend to make desi gaushalas economically viable by making a market of desi gaushala

    but we are having opposition from some asthma doctors that all dhunis are bad for lungs can u support this with some research