Recently, I read in local newspaper this: ” Our country has scriptures full of sex but our athletes don’t follow traditions and fails to perform at Olympic because they don’t enjoy sex freely before game”. Is this acceptable?

Elaborating act of union described in scriptures by rotten English words associated with physical intercourse (Calling ‘धर्षण’ as ‘Seduction’, ‘संगति’ as ‘Intercourse’ is nothing but intellectual bankruptcy). When this is done by leader, it is nothing as good as treason for misguiding common mass.

This is new trend in so-called I-know-everything type self-proclaimed rationals of this land. They think they are doing some kind of refining of scriptural ideas. To me, this is reductionist attitude, which causes major cultural dissatisfaction among gullible natives & when they see such articles in main-stream media, it inspires them to alienate self and family from culture of the land.

And when you talk to this rational mind about this, they will in reply ask you to grow up and accept sex in its pure form. Ok, I understand your stupid imagination but will mass understand? No. These stupids don’t understand damage they cause by their wild translations.

All the great Vedic writers and orators have been diligent students of words. They took infinite pains to embody his thought in words of crystal clearness. There is no better way in which to develop the mental qualities of clearness, accuracy, and precision, and to improve and enlarge the intellectual powers generally, than by regular and painstaking study of judiciously selected phrases and literary expressions. And so to value(=revere) Vedic Kavi(s) , pain has to be taken on our intellectual shoulders. Reducing union to word ‘sex’ is intellectual bankruptcy.

First purify word ‘Sex’ in minds of mass then attempt to equate it with pure union.

बृहस्पते प्रथमं वाचो अग्रं यत्प्रैरत नामधेयं दधानाः ।
यदेषां श्रेष्ठं यदरिप्रमासीत्प्रेणा तदेषां निहितं गुहाविः ॥Rig.10.71.1॥
सक्तुमिव तितउना पुनन्तो यत्र धीरा मनसा वाचमक्रत ।
अत्रा सखायः सख्यानि जानते भद्रैषां लक्ष्मीर्निहिताधि वाचि ॥Rig.10.71.2॥

We know that the language of poetry can neither be the colloquial dialect nor the language of prose. The Ṛgvedic poet is very fastidious and choosy about the words and expression that he uses in his poetry. As soon as he visualizes a truth, god Bṛhaspati kindles up his linguistic faculty and suggest him an array of words out of what he makes a careful selection of most appropriate words and expressions leaving aside the rest.

It is insult to translate ‘धर्षण’ as ‘Seduction’, ‘संगति’ as ‘Intercourse’. Not only insult but display of translator’s nonsense attitude towards culture and society.