Meals are considered यज्ञकर्म (Universal sacrifice) in Ayurveda. For well-performed devoted sacrifice,wait for quality fire. Eat only in Pittakala(पित्त काल), time when maximum digestive juices secrete naturally.

पित्त काल changes with seasons. In spring(वसन्त) and autumn(शरद्काल), days and nights are of equal duration and hence first meal in late morning and second in the late evening.

In summer(ग्रीष्मकाल) and monsoon(वर्षाकाल), days are long and nights short, hence the first meal in afternoon and second at night after 6-8 hrs. In winter(शीतकाल), days are short and nights long, hence the first meal in the morning and second in evening.

In short, adjust meal timings with पित्त काल of your individual prakruti,your age, season and physical location.

We now don’t consider such minute things about eating food. And then, cry like baby when all bunch of digestion issues pop up.

Eat only when there is urge. If your urge is diminished in young age(before 40). It is early alert. Work on improving it! By exercise, walking, breathing.

Take care. Respect your bodily fire. Eat non-processed home-cooked food.

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