To know and become ‘NATHA'[0] of natural sciences is prerequisite of Leader. It is least that we can ignore in leader. Nation’s healthy living can be given direction only when leader is master of Natural sciences.

For example:

As per purana, Chemistry including Alchemy, began to be cultivated by the ancient Aryas as early as the beginning of the present Kalpa, i e. more than 1950000000 years back. And the surprising part of this history is, We have got fragments of two books on this subject, the authorship of which has all along been assigned to the great, Raam Chandra (the hero of Ramayana, an epic composed by the sage Valmiki who was a contemporary of the hero himself), who learnt the science of chemistry from Kalanatha, a sage living in the forests, during the fourteen years of his exile from his father’s dominions [1]. Now, Rama Chandra flourished, according to Indian history, at least 900000 years back (You can take any other number. Point here is time immemorial). There is another book titled ‘Arka Prakash’ which is attributed to King of Lanka, Ravana.[2] It appears from these fragments that chemistry of medicine reached a very high state of perfection at the time of Rama Chandra.

So EXILE as a symbol represents a mandatory knowledge exploration yatra(voyage) where you meet people of different areas and learn all skills necerssary to run Raam-Rajya or Dharma-Rajya.

Will you dare to leave your home and spend enough time in knowledge-voyage? If you can’t, at least support all those who are on this voyage when they come to your door steps.

[0] “Nath” would mean “benevolent master”, rather than just master. I am particularly mentioning this as presence of benevolence paves the way to unconditional surrender to such master.

[1] According to the folklores and books, in vogue amongst the siddhas (chemists), King Ram Chandra was also called, Dandaka Nath, on account of his living in the forest of Dandaka for several years. The books said to have been compiled by this king are named, (1) Rama rajiya, and ( 2 ) Rasendra Chlntamani.

[2] This ‘Arka Prakash’ is an excellent booklet containing a comprehensive treatment of all sorts of diseases by means of tinctures (Medicines prepared from Alchohol/Mineral acids – Like modern Allopathic pharmacy medicines! – Connect the dots!) only!