In past 4 years, I have spent considerable amount of personal time for studying critical factors affecting our society’s stability and sustenance. Being part of doctor family, I come across many painful suffering frequently.

My observation, research and meeting with people across Gujarat, suggest that, answer for all our problem is with mother गौ (ગાય).

Irony is, we have neglected her so much, left her at perils of living at filthy dump yards of urban cities that we cannot even identify mother properly! So called Amul revolution has turned out mothers into milk yielding machines. Since we now see mother as machines, we don’t mind their substitutes i.e. foreign breeds. So now, we the present generation and all future generations, cannot distinguish mother from rest.

In scientific words, our mother is know as bos primigenius indicus or Bos indicus or Bos taurus indicus.

Check photo to identify mother. Do this exercise with your children so that they can know real mother and start revering her.

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