Your health is Nation’s wealth

#Shivaji or Alexander??

Western philosophers/heroes/warriors/thinkers: Leave your Legacy(महत्वकांशी – आत्मा निष्ठ)
Bhartiya Rushi/avatar/heroes/warriors/darshanik : Leave vedic culture legacy(ध्येय शील-तत्व निष्ठ)

#WANTED MAN: who can put ध्येय before मह्ताकंषा ,vedic culture before him/relatives,principles and love before likes/dis-likes/emotions,will to win(Krushn non-violence) before will to die(pseudo -non -violence .i.e अनशन).

जो पिंड में शेती(error) हो तो संस्कार बहुत समय तक टक नहीं सकते ..तो पिंड को शुद्ध केसे किया जा ये ?
#there are many things involved but first basic one to start with : सात्विक ,पोष्टिक food.
#Our scriptures strongly believes who are not eating सात्विक ,पोष्टिक they are miles away to understand spirituality. (Ref:Gita ,Encoded)

– Panthesh Dave


उपस्थास् ते अनमीवा अयक्ष्मा अस्मभ्यं सन्तु पृथिवि प्रसूताः |
दीर्घं न आयुः प्रतिबुध्यमाना वयं तुभ्यं बलिहृतः स्याम ||62||

O Our Motherland, May we always be healthy to serve You, May all the riches you produce be available to us, May we be learned and live long, and May we always be ready to sacrifice everything for You.
~ Atharva Ved (12/1/62)

What is the use of your desh-prem, desh-bhakti when your body and mind are not healthy and strong? First and foremost requirement for being true patriot is to have strong body and sound mind! Do you have it? Do you strive for it? If not then it is pity for Nation. Are you fit to take up weapons when time demands it? Are you well-equipped to fight against enemies of the land? Or are you one of those cry-babies who cries in virtual world?

For making of healthy body and mind, Sports ground/Akhada(अखाडा)_is ideal place. Udham Singh(s) won’t come from filthy, weak virtual world. Udham-Singh(s) are produced on sports ground.

You can be weak and patriot but you cannot be weak and a patriotic leader at same time. Leaders take birth from sports ground/अखाडा and not from Bollywood or Cricket.


1) All patriotic/political meetings should happen on Sports ground after playing half an hour football or running mini-marathon together
2) Attend only those meetings whose members are seasoned sportsmen, healthy by body and mind.
3) Encourage Youth to spend more time on ground than on their 3×5 screens.
4) Be well-versed with at least one self-defense skill.
5) All patriotic activism are fake or weak who don’t pay attention to health and strength of compatriots. Don’t waste time in verbal catharsis of such political leaders.
6) All spiritual Guru(s)/NGOs/Social workers are not worth following if they ignore sports, military and weapons. Ignore them. They are meant to be crushed like insects when enemies attack. Will to live has higher priority than will to die (pseudo non-violence) of fake spiritual Guru(s). Don’t waste your time behind empty pots.