Grazing is the cause of soil degradation. Cattle over-graze and so soil degrades. That is what my learned university degree holder friend told few days back in private conversation!

My friend’s conclusion is based on his over-grazed land i.e. Education ;).

This post is dedicated to him.

Yes, I am new to farming. And this is based on my 5 years’ experience in the field. This is what Mother Nature taught me.

First of all: No natural activity is useless. Nothing. Not even you and me dying prematurely due to our life style. Don’t ask me proof. This is my fundamental belief. And this belief is strength of my life. so I am fine with it.

Let us come to the point.

1) Herbivore has a direct impact on the flora and fauna of the local area where they live. Grazing means selective removal of certain species or parts of the plants. This sensitively decides how different species communicates and sustain.
2) Grazing controls the domination of one species over others.
3) Saliva of the cattle, dung and urine spread during grazing – They are प्राणवर्धक catalyst for plants. In Himachal and other parts of the India, farmers divides grazing schedule among their farms so that soil-fertility is replenished regularly.
4) Better retention of soil nutrients and soil Erosion control

I can go on counting benefits of grazing. But this is enough for otherwise smart friend who raised such stupid argument out of his sheer ignorance.

Grazing is boon for soil and not otherwise. I wish my friend get it now.

Over-graze? That is man-made issue. Cattle and other Herbivores are more intelligent than we humans. 🙂