Hindu Panchang divides day into Muhuruts. Based on पञ्चमहाभूत’s universal positioning, how exactly Muhurt will act on different mental and physical activities, is predictable. Some slot of the days are good and some bad.

But there is one slot, which is always good! It is called गोरज  or गोधूलि बेला. गोधूलि शब्द का अर्थ हॅ – गो + धूल = अर्थात गायों के पॅरों से उठने वाली धूल। पुराने समय में जब गायें जंगल से चरकर वापस आती थीं तो पता चल जाता था कि शाम होने वाली हॅ। इसलिए इस समय विशेष को गोधूलि बेला कहने लगे। अर्थात संध्या का समय।

गौरज-Gauraj – is a dust in the air when Gaus (cows) return to home at sunset or dust from the place where Gaus take rest during daytime.

Marriages in India happen during sunset so that groom’s family when carry out processon , they get benefit by गौरज and gau-blessings.

Yagnopacit Samskar (Sacred thread ceremony) ends at this गौरज time – time when Cows return to home.

In fact, all auspicious rituals’ पूर्णाहुति (conclusion) is planned around this time.


It is full of anti-bacterial, anti-viral potency. Full of prana shakti captured from setting sun. Finest example of nano-technology and quantum medicine. (I know you will have trouble accepting my words due to my non-medical background. Wait and watch – world is moving in this direction). (Science hint : Reflection and refraction of Sun Rays and its impact)

Not before 30 years, villagers used to pray to God for flock of cows passing through their farmlands. It is because when गौरज settle in the farm, it acts like a miracle nutrient and pest-control. It also increases photosynthesis efficiency and water management efficiency in plant.

Advice : If you want to build your kids immune system naturally, give him/her exposure to गौरज at sunset in nearby village. At least weekly.

Caution: Select village far away from city to avoid fuel pollutants