Spiritually empty-bellied child is just little better than unfortunate Autistic child or malnourished child. Their miseries in later life would be unbearable for them as well as Society.

Instead of initiating these innocent kids to higher motives of the life, they are succumbed to narcissist type mental disorders very early.

Fashion shows. Dance shows. All in name of personality development! 😀 Biggest possible irony of child development!

Journey must start from within instead outside.

Bottom up approach (brick by brick, build) and not the top down (destruct, realize and repair mind)

Train your child to seat with scriptures. Do not hamper their spiritual growth for the sake of your modern and atheist delusion.

To begin with, for 3-4 years old (Pre-KG), it is good idea to introduce Devas and Asuras concept to them by visual introduction to Hindu Deities, Asuras, Festivals through videos, art and crafts.

Facilitate them to recognize basic patterns and conventions about deities. To not to disturb their short attention span, use more colors and visuals. Using visuals only. No chanting, no memorization. (If they pick up chanting by mimicking you, it is great! But don’t force before Upanayan age)

So, whether your child goes to International School or Govt. School in slum of metro, State board, Central board, whatever; do introduce them gradually to Gita, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Purana. Don’t worry about bread-earning skills, they are easy to pick up!