Humans are homeothermic, which means that their body temperature should always remain the same with almost unvarying consistency. This is great feature of Nature’s wisdom that helps us sustain in all extreme weathers.

Instead of worshiping this great feature that keeps us alive, Modern Medicine has portrayed this wisdom’s occasional body warm up (Fever) as some great Enemy.


No wonder Paracetamol, an antipyretics drug is now household name and is sold without doctor’s prescription. This is not sign of development but barbarism.

As far as I understand fever,
It does little harm and imposes no great comfort if they are in moderate range. And so for such conditions, antipyretics drugs are rarely necessary and may alter the effects of a specific therapeutic action fever is taking.
Of course, there are situations when body temperature reduction is important. For example, heat stroke.

But declaring it as enemy is not at all required. Taking paracetamol without prescription is worse thing happening to our society.

The majority of patients and their families feel fear at the appearance of a fever, a fear that grows stronger with the intensity of the fever and faithfully follows its ups and downs. We must radically alter this view and adjust it around this view -> “Fever is an intentional action produced by the body to defend itself.”

During infectious diseases, the salutary effect of fever is twofold.
1) Raising the temperature of the body makes the environment untenable for the germs.
2) Fever also alters the living conditions of germs by purifying the terrain, the interior cellular environment of the body. Just like mosquitoes require the stagnant waters of marshes and swamps to thrive, germs need a terrain overloaded with wastes in order to survive and multiply. (In my previous posts, I shared this that bacteria are Mother Nature’s cleaning agents. They proliferate when we convert body into filth. 🙁 )

My suggestion:
Tolerate moderate fever and let the body do its work. Do not rush for Crosin for every mild or moderate fever.
Let your doctor decide whether it is important to stop fever or not. And I pray you get a wise doctor who understand fever not as enemy but friend.